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Top>Hakumon CHUO [Special Issue for Autumn 2009]>Shinto ceremony performed at construction site of the track & field team's "Higashi Toyoda Dormitory."A Five floor reinforced concrete building will be completed at the end of next March.

Hakumon CHUOIndex

Shinto ceremony performed at construction site of the track & field team's Higashi Toyoda Dormitory.
A Five floor reinforced concrete building will be completed at the end of next March.

The Shinto ceremony for purifying a construction site was solemnly held on July 17th for the Higashi Toyoda Dormitory (Chuo University Association of Student Clubs Physical Education League Higashi Toyoda Dormitory), the new dormitory of the track and field team. The ceremony took place at the construction site in Toyoda, Hino City, and was attended by approximately 50 people including university officials such as Board of Regents Chair Shuji Hisano and Chancellor and President Kazuyuki Nagai, as well as by architectural designers and construction contractors.

Drinking sacred sake.

Drinking sacred sake.

Religious ceremonies such as a ceremony to expel evil spirits and other prayers were held by a Shinto priest. During the ceremony to purify the construction site, Chair Hisano used a shovel to perform the groundbreaking ritual. Also, branches from a sacred tree were offered by Chair Hisano, Chancellor and President Nagai, and Mr. Jotaro Takagi, Chairman of the Chuo University Alumni Association Physical Education Committee. To conclude the ceremonies, all of the attendees drank sacred sake and prayed for the safety and success of the construction.

At the banquet held after the religious ceremonies, Chair Hisano gave a speech that emphasized the wonderful environment of the construction site, which is surrounded by mountains, rivers, and rice fields. He gave voice to his expectations by stating, "I am certain that the Higashi Toyoda Dormitory will produce outstanding athletes that will bring fame to Chuo University."

Chancellor and President Nagai expressed his gratitude to participating parties by stating, "I am very pleased that we are able to construct such a wonderful building in such a wonderful environment." Furthermore, he gave the following encouragement to ekiden (marathon relay) athletes whose performance is expected to increase as a result of the new dormitory: "Our university hopes that you will produce outstanding results at the Hakone Ekiden. I hope that the dormitory becomes a beloved part of the neighborhood, and that members of the community will encourage your efforts while training."

Attendees pray for safe and successful construction

Attendees pray for safe and successful construction

After a toast, a speech was given by Mr. Tadashi Oguri, coach of the track & field team. Mr. Oguri gave new expression to his determination by stating that "By placing a value on teamwork and creating a team which shares a single bond, I intend to make every possible preparation to capture an overall victory at Hakone." Furthermore, ekiden coach Mr. Haruo Urata stated his aspirations by saying that "I understand that the university wants us to create a team which can win at Hakone. The environment provided by the dormitory gives us more than enough opportunity to practice more than ever before. We will give our utmost effort to capture victory at Hakone."

The Higashi Toyoda Dormitory is a 5 floor building constructed of reinforced concrete. The first floor contains facilities such as a cafeteria, meeting room, training room, manager room and showers, while the second floor contains rooms for the coaching staff. Dormitory rooms for team members (2 members per room/beds included) are located on the second threw the fifth floors. Also, the third floor contains a study room, completing the ideal environment for both academics and sports. The dormitory is scheduled for completion at the end of March 2010.
The embankment of the Asagawa River is located only a short run from the dormitory, providing the perfect environment for practicing road running. (Office of the Editor)