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Top>Event>Symposium on Global Communicators - introducing the SEND program (Mar.12)


Symposium on Global Communicators - introducing the SEND program (Mar.12)

The highlight of Chuo’s Student Exchange Nippon Discovery (SEND)* program is about students in Japan teaching the Japanese language and exposing the Japanese culture to students abroad. Students need to have a solid understanding and knowledge of their native language and culture in order to communicate a correct view of Japan and its world-class art and technology to people in other nations. By challenging themselves outside their comfort zone, students acquire important skills that are required to become global individuals. This Symposium will cover the various initiatives that the four institutions are driving in preparation for the SEND program.

*About the SEND program
Students who participate in this student exchange program not only study the language and culture of the country they visit, but they are required to support Japanese language classes and participate in events introducing the culture of Japan. The goal of the program is for participants to develop an understanding of cultural diversity, as well as nurture experts who, in the future, will play a role in the global arena acting as a bridge between Japan and the country they visit.

Event Details
Thursday, March 12, 2015
13:00 – 16:45
TKP Garden City Takebashi (Big Hall)
Organized by:
Chuo University
Participated by:
Chiba University, Hokkaido University, Musashino Art University, Chuo University

There is no entrance fee. Maximum seats for 160 people.
Application form:新規ウインドウ
(Monday, March 9, 20:00 cut off)

Program Details
Keynote Lecture
Lecture <SCIENCE>
Kiyotaka Akasaka
President of the Foreign Press Center / Japan (FPCJ) Theme: Playing a role in the global arena
Jun Nomura
Professor of the Faculty of Education at Chiba University, Developer of Twin College Envoys Program (TWINCLE)
Theme: TWINCLE Program connecting Japan with ASEAN
Lecture <ART>
Lecture <FRONTIER>
Kazufumi Hara
Professor at Musashino Art University and Sculpter
Theme: Japan-France and Japan-Sweden International exchange project
Hidekazu Sugiura
Professor of the Research Faculty of Media and Communication, Hokkaido University
Theme: Challenge at ASEAN –from Nitobe College-
Panel Discussion Facilitator
Shigenori Wakabayashi
Professor of the Faculty of Letters at Chuo University and Special Advisor to the Chuo University International Center
Theme: Double exchange program in the UK and Asia Pacific region
Chikako Takeishi
Professor of the Faculty of Commerce at Chuo University, Vice President of Chuo University, Director of the Chuo University International Center, and advisor to international cooperation, education, and diversity projects at Chuo University.

Students who are giving a presentation in the lectures above are studying abroad at: Institut Teknologi Bandung, University of Indonesia, The Royal Swedish Academy of Arts, National University of Singapore, Vietnam National University, and the Research Institute of British International Education, Tongji University