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9/16 First Chuo-UHM Student Conference

The first student conference was held between Chuo and University of Hawaii at Manoa on September 16, 2014, in connection with Professor Shigenori Wakabayashi's seminar and the Global Studies program of the Faculty of Letters.

The First Chuo-UHM Student Conference
Linguistics, Psycholinguistics and Second Language Acquisition

DATE: Tuesday, September 16, 2014
VENUE: Center for Korean Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa

14:00-15:00 Plenary Lecture
Professor Theres Grüter (Second Language Studies at UHM)
“Do L2 learners think ahead? The role of prediction in L2 processing”
15:15-16:45 Poster session
Michelle Adams (UHM) Syntactic priming across languages: The relationship between word order and structure in Spanish passive constructions
Danika Harada (UHM) Japanese mimetics: Sound symbolism and the possibility of universality
Keiko Hata (UHM) Shadowing as a learning process for Japanese grammar--establishing a case from an emergentism viewpoint—
Hyunwoo Kim, Keiko Hata, and Bonnie D. Schwartz (UHM) L2 interpretation of Japanese floating numeral quantifiers: Structure vs. linearity
Sayaka Koyama (Chuo U.) Transitivity Alternations in L2 Japanese: A Preliminary Research
Wenyi Ling (UHM) and Caitlyn Hoeflin (Reading) Nonnative Mandarin tonal processing: An eye-tracking study
Yuki Matsui (Chuo U.) Is an easy short question a short easy question?
Asako Nakanishi (Chuo U.) Differences in difficulty with the use of the English indefinite article among Japanese learners of English
Mari Miyao (UHM) Number of discourse entities and production of referential expressions in English and Japanese
Aya Takeda (UHM) Use of prosodic marking in the processing of English information structure
Ryusuke Yamamoto (Chuo U.) A hierarchy of constraints in the interlanguage of Chinese learners of Japanese
Liulin Zhang (UHM) Progressive, durative aspect and laX structures in Suzhounese
17:00- 19:00 Reception (Moore Hall #103)
Richard Day (SLS, UHM), Kenton Harsch (SLS, UHM), Miyuki Kajiyama (Chuo U.), Kazue Kanno (EALL, UHM), John Matthews (Chuo U.), Bonnie D. Schwartz (SLS, UHM), Shigenori Wakabayashi (Chuo U.)