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2012 Chuo University Entrance Ceremony

April 3rd (Tue)
Tama Campus, Gymnasium No. 1, 3F Arena

Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Policy Studies

Graduate School of Law, Graduate School of Economics, Graduate School of Commerce, Graduate School of Letters, Graduate School of Policy Studies, Graduate School of Public Policy

Implementation Method: The event will be split into a morning session and an afternoon session
Morning session: The Faculty of Law, Faculty of Letters and the six departments of the graduate school
Afternoon session: The Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Policy Studies

Morning SessionAfternoon Session
New student meeting(10:30)(13:30)
Commemorative musical performance(10:50)(13:50)
University Entrance Ceremony Program
1. Opening of the ceremony(11:00)(14:00)
2. University President ceremonial address
3. Congratulatory address (Chair of the Board of Regents, Chair of the Chuo University Alumni Association)
4. Remarks on admission to Chuo University (New students' representative)
5. Welcoming remarks (Existing students' representative)
6. Singing of the school anthem
7. Closing of the ceremony

*There will be remarks on admission to Chuo University by a new students' representative and welcoming remarks by an existing students' representative, so please look forward to these.

*It will not be possible to use the parking lot, so please use public transportation to attend the ceremony.