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Participating in the 86th Tokyo-Hakone Round-Trip College Ekiden Race

First Leg: January 2nd, 2010
Starting at 8:00 AM from in front of the Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters in Õtemachi

Second Leg: January 3rd, 2010
Starting at 8:00 AM at the entrance to the Lake Ashinoko Parking Area in Hakonemachi

The Hakone Ekiden (Tokyo-Hakone Round-Trip College Ekiden Race) is a tradition that takes place at the beginning of each New Year. Chuo University will also participate in this year's race, marking our university's 84th entry in the race (the greatest number of participating years). The race course stretches for 217.9 kilometers over 10 sections, with a first leg of 108.0 kilometers and a second leg of 109.9 kilometers. Which university will win this fiercely contested race? Chuo University will give its best effort in a quest for a high finish.

The Chuo University Ekiden Race Website has features such as athlete introductions, an Ekiden blog which gives information on the activities of athletes, and an Ekiden Race Cheering Map which shows points where supporters can gather to cheer on the athletes. We are also accepting messages of support for our athletes. We hope that you will cheer loudly for Chuo University!

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