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Chuo University 125th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony

Date: November 13, 2010 (Sat)
Venue: Tama Campus Building No. 9 (Main event site)

In preparation for the university's 125th anniversary in 2010, the Commemorative Ceremonial Events Committee of 125th Anniversary (Committee chair: Vice-chairman of Board of Regents Okubo), is currently gathering proposals from each facility in the university, with the target of deciding on a set plan around October.

The anniversary ceremonial events will be held in line with the Board of Regents basic course of action, "modest and bringing meaning to the future of the university", with the plan being drawn up in accordance to the following principles.

"Concerning the commemorative ceremonial events of 125th anniversary, Chuo University aims to execute the events with clearly and concisely expressed contents. These contents will be befitting of those intended to project an image of an integrated educational institution made up of each university faculty, graduate school, senior and junior high schools, and other educational and research facilities. To mark the 125th anniversary of our foundation, staff members throughout the entire institution, are asked to take on the basic way of thinking and spirit of the founders. That being, first take new steps before spreading your wings in the world."

Notifications concerning commemorative ceremonial events will be posted on the Chuo University 125th Anniversary WebsiteNew windowas they come to hand.