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Global Human Resources Development

Welcome to G-Square. Come and Join Us!

Introduction of the G-Square Cross-Cultural Exchange Lounge by International Students at Chuo University

At the welcome party held in April 2018, the venue was filled with a large number of attendees

G-Square available for anyone to participate freely

The G-Square Cross-Cultural Exchange Lounge was established in March 2013 in order to support Chuo University students who seek to become global persons. During the slightly more than five years since then, students have continued to play a leading role in planning and holding activities at G-Square. The following is an activity report by Isabelle Aundrea Sua (4th-year student in the Faculty of Letters), an international student from Malaysia, and Takanobu Yoshino (3rd-year student in the Faculty of Law).

G-Square is an international exchange space on the second floor of the Hilltop’78 building on the Tama Campus. Every month, G-Square holds international exchange events to enable interaction between Japanese students, international exchange students, and privately-financed international students enrolled at Chuo University.

One such activity is Language Lab, a language workshop in which anyone can participate freely.

Also, information sessions on international study are held by the Chuo University International Center. These sessions make it possible to listen to the first-hand experiences of students who have studied abroad and to directly ask questions regarding international study.

Visitors to G-Square can freely read a large number of books regarding international study and language. Visitors are always surprised by the nine large flat-screen TVs showing popular overseas channels. G-Square also has computers which students can use for writing reports, etc.

G-Square can be freely used by anyone. It is the perfect place to study, to enjoy a meal with friends, and to chat with a wide range of people.

G-Square is run by students. It is currently staffed by nine students who plan and operate numerous events aimed at promoting exchange. G-Square supports students from a variety of perspectives.

Introduction of events

Fun Global Café

Welcome Party

This event is held at the beginning of the semester in order to welcome newly-enrolled international students. At the party, Japanese students and international students form friendship through games and relaxed conversation. This is one of the popular G-Square events that are open to participation from anyone, without the need for reservations. The welcome parties always attract participation from about 150 students.

Global Café

The café is staffed by international students. This enables international exchange with visitors over coffee, etc. The café also holds special events on occasions such as Halloween and Christmas.

Language Lab

Language Lab is a language workshop run by international students. Each semester, Language Lab holds various workshops for languages including English, Chinese, and Spanish. In addition to foreign languages, students can learn about the culture and customs of those countries and regions.

“Let’s talk to our hearts’ content!”—Comment from a host at the Language Lab

Josiah shows off his wonderful smile

The staff at G-Square is always smiling

Josiah Weber (4th-year student in the Faculty of Policy Studies)
International exchange student from the University of the Fraser Valley (Canada)

Something I wanted to do with Language Lab from the beginning was to teach real and authentic English, while having fun. Rather than focusing too much on grammar or having only conversation classes, my class and I had fun learning slang, playing a bunch of trivia games like Jeopardy, and even a murder mystery game.

When you’re having fun, you don’t think about the stress of learning a language, you just enjoy the experience! That’s why I think Language Lab is a really great chance to grow your speaking skill. You can meet real, native English speakers from many different countries and they will teach you things you can’t always find in a textbook.

When we’re not in Language Lab or in class why not come hang out with us in G-Square or at one of the many events held there? There’s always a chance to try and speak English with someone and they might want to try their Japanese too!

Let’s have fun talking to our hearts’ content at G-Square!

“Discover a new version of myself”—Comments from visitors

Iwamoto (second from right) participating in an event

Yuno Iwamoto (4th-year student in the Department of International Law and Business, Faculty of Law)

I have used G-Square for about three years, ever since the fall semester of my freshman year. In addition to making friends from various countries and regions, I was able to acquire new ways of thinking through interaction with those friends.

In terms of foreign language study, participating in Language Lab made it possible for me to supplement my motivation to learn, something that had been lacking before. Currently, I am utilizing my three-year experience in order to host programs in Korean together with my friends. In addition to Korean, I am also interested in other languages such as Chinese and Spanish.

I will continue to actively use G-Square.

“A place offering a myriad of new challenges”—G-Square staff

Nanako Sato (second from right in the middle row) participates in an event

Nanako Sato (2nd-year student in the Department of Marketing and Trade, Faculty of Commerce)
Staff Leader

G-Square is a place offering a myriad of possibilities and challenges. I joined the G-Square staff about one year ago and I now serve as a staff leader. I work in a cheerful environment that is filled with music from various countries and is visited every day by numerous international students and Japanese students. The majority of my daily work is administrative in nature; for example, I create plans, check reports, conduct hiring interview, and attend meetings.

When working together with international students, I sometimes encounter opinions which are the complete opposite of common sense and normal thinking as seen by Japanese people. At first, I was unsure of how to respond to such opinions. Today, I am able to aggregate those opinions in order to create events with participation from everyone involved. This style creates new values and new experiences, resulting in fun and meaningful activities—even for our staff members!

In addition to international exchange, G-Square is a place filled with dreams for students who want to embrace new challenges and turn their thoughts into action.

“My favorite place!”—G-Square staff member

May (left) and Isabelle Aundrea Sua (right), one of the authors of this article

May Yamon Khaing (2nd-year student in the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law)
International student from Myanmar

G-Square is my favorite place on campus. An abbreviation of “Global Square,” G-Square is a place filled with new international and Japanese friends. G-Square holds a variety of events such as Japan Day and Global Café. It’s a place where I can learn about Japan and interact with other students.

Language Lab is a workshop that is run by international students and provides the opportunity to freely study various languages. I also work as a hostess at Language Lab. I love the opportunity to convey my native language of Burmese and my country’s culture to many people.

To me, G-Square is the most precious place on campus. When I first enrolled at Chuo University, I sometimes felt lonely as an international student. However, G-Square gave me the chance to make new friends. G-Square is a place where I can relax and be myself.

Information on G-Square events, information sessions on international study held at the International Center, etc., are available on SNS! Be sure to check it out!






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