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Knowledge Co-Creation - Profiles of researchers

(Feb. 9)Investigating the unexplored world of mysticism in Balzac literature

Saori Osuga
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Waseda University

(Dec. 8)Exploring the potential of semiconductors Seeking world leading computational performance

Dajiang Zhou
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering (Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems), Waseda University

(Oct. 8)Using econometrics as a tool to investigate the environmental activities of people and organizations

Hajime Katayama
Associate Professor, Waseda University School of Commerce

(Jul. 7)Using coupling analyses of structures and fluids to bring about engineering functionality for complex physical phenomena

Kenji Takizawa
Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University

(May. 19)Exploring the identity of migrants Crossing Asian and global borders

Gracia Liu-Farrer
Professor, Faculty of International Research and Education, Waseda University

Waseda research zone - latest news on project research

(Mar. 8)Integrating Medicine and Urban Planning,Placemaking for the 21st century

In the earliest days of modern urban planning—from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century—urban planning and medicine had a close relationship. [More...]

(Nov. 10)Robots co-creating with people will contribute to disaster response and the super-aged society

Robotics research at Waseda University has an outstanding history spanning nearly half a century. [More...]

(Aug. 11)Global Integration and Regional Studies Development towards “Reconciliation and Coexistence”

Waseda University has been establishing interdisciplinary research organizations and institutes in key areas since 2005 in order to enhance its structure as a 21st century international research university (refer to back issues of Waseda Research Zone).[More...]

(Jun. 9)Leading the way for an advanced society in energy and healthcare through collaborations in medicine, science and engineering nanotechnology

The COEs (Center of Excellence) introduced by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) at the beginning of the 21st Century with the aim of producing universities of the highest global standard have fulfilled their role by developing programs such as the 21st Century COE Program (MEXT website) (2002-2008) and the Global COE Program (2007-2014).[More...]