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University student survey 2017: 91% overall satisfaction

Her Excellency Anne Barrington

Student Life Report 2017 (36th issue)

On October 23, the Student Affairs Division at Waseda University released the Student Life Report 2017 based on the responses of over 4,360 undergraduate and graduate students surveyed. The report covers an extensive range of topics and areas including student study abroad participation rate, internship participation rate, scholarships, student satisfaction and etc. To view the full report, click here (currently only available in Japanese).

91% overall student satisfaction

The Student Life Report 2017 shows that at least 91% of the thousands of students from various campuses surveyed are highly satisfied or satisfied with the 1) teaching, 2) classes and 3) campus and student life at Waseda University. This year’s report also reveals that the top two reasons students feel proud and satisfied being a student of Waseda University are 1) being able to choose fields and classes of interest and 2) being able to interact with students of diverse backgrounds and nationalities. The latter reason reflects the University’s efforts in recent years to promote diversity and internationalization on campus.

*Each percentage represents students who answered satisfied or highly satisfied to each category. Reasons for feeling proud & satisfied being a Waseda student are in rank order.