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“University of Bonn Day at Waseda” held on Waseda campus

On October 9, 2017, a collaborative academic event, “University of Bonn Day at Waseda” took place on Waseda Campus. Ever since the academic partnership agreement established between Waseda and University of Bonn in 1960, the two universities have long together pursued various forms of collaborations. In October 2010, Waseda hosted a joint academic event, and in December in the following year, Bonn hosted another Waseda-Bonn event. Following the two collaborative events, the University of Bonn Day was carried out on Waseda Campus again.

For the event, Rector Michael Hoch and more than 20 faculty and staff members came to Waseda and together had a number of programs all through the day.

The Day began with a conferral ceremony of an honorary doctorate to Rector Hoch. In recognition of his outstanding academic achievements as a scientist as well as his remarkable contribution to the promotion of the Waseda-Bonn partnership as Rector of the University, the honorary doctorate was awarded from Waseda. The ceremony was followed by a meeting between President Kamata and Rector Hoch. In pursuit of further high-level collaborations, the two signed a “Strategic Partnership Agreement”. As for research, researchers from the two universities jointly held workshops where they reconfirmed their firm scholarly networks.

With the aim of deepening and activating the precious tie between Japan and Germany, a research grant guidance and “Study in Germany Fair” were held. The grant guidance session was aimed at encouraging Waseda researchers to collaborate with researchers in German institutions, while the fair was for Waseda students who were interested in studying and staying in Germany. Both sessions with full of participants earnestly asking questions ended in great success.

The “University of Bonn Day at Waseda” marked a significant milestone in the efforts to further strengthen the Waseda-Bonn tie.

Honorary Doctorate Conferral Ceremony

President Meeting

Research grant guidance

Study in Germany Fair