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Congratulations on your admission to Waseda University

President Kaoru KAMATA

My heartfelt congratulations to all the freshmen. Welcome to Waseda University.

You will be embarking on a journey at a university that is committed to fostering students that shine on the global stage, as well as producing liberal creative research that contribute to the academic field and society at large based on these founding principles: (1) the “Independence of Learning,” a dedication to free and creative scientific inquiry for the advancement of civilization; (2) the “Practical Utilization of Knowledge,” the practical application of knowledge for the public good; and (3) the “Promotion of Model Citizenship” by contributing to the welfare of the state through educational opportunities which respect individuality and which cultivates leaders who will be active throughout the globe .

In 1884, Waseda University took in its very first international student not long after its founding in 1882. This serves as an opening for the establishment of the School of Chinese Students (1905), International Affairs Diversion (1963) and School of International Liberal Studies (2004), etc. Waseda University’s constant effort in reaching out for international students eventually led the school into introducing full English degree programs.

Topnotch leading global education and research in Japan

In 2012, Waseda University formulated the Waseda Vision 150 and has since been committed to educational, managerial and structural reforms that meet world-class standards. In keeping up with globalization, the University has introduced courses in English across 7 undergraduate schools and 13 graduate schools. Additionally, the University has also signed bilateral exchange agreements, which include double-degree and student exchange programs, with more than 700 partner universities in the world at university, faculty and department levels. The University prides itself on having 5,400 international students, the largest enrollment among all universities in Japan, and on having more than 4,200 students joining the study aboard programs every year under one of the bilateral exchange programs at our partner universities. In the latest QS World University Ranking, we are proud to announce that we are placed in the top 100 across 9 subjects.

This is the conceptual drawing of the multifunctional sports arena, Waseda Arena.

The University is dedicated to expanding and introducing more classes that stimulate greater interaction and communication between students and teaching staffs, as well as classes in which students are given the opportunity to employ a problem-solving based approach. At present, 81% of the classes have a teacher to student ratio of 1 to 50 or lesser. Furthermore, the number of students who participates in internship, fieldwork, professional training and workshop programs each year exceeds 20,000.

The University is also upgrading its infrastructure and facilities to facilitate independent learning. For instance, the new Building No.3 completed in 2014 is equipped with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) facilities and classrooms that serve as multi-purposes space. The Building No. 7 is also equipped with Learning Commons to facilitate group and independent learning. Moreover, the Waseda Arena in Toyama Campus that is scheduled to be completed in 2019 will also be equipped with such up-to-date facilitates.


Waseda traditions – diversity and proactivness

Waseda University has attracted many students with great individuality from all around Japan and the world that constantly strive to reach for greater heights.

Waseda University places great emphasis on liberty and diversity. It not only provides a space for students to excel in research and studies, but also in the fields of sports and culture, not to mention that it is also blessed with many students with great individuality that are never complacence. Moreover, the University believes that when people from diverse background come together, they grow as humans. These can be seen by the University constant efforts in promoting and encouraging students from outside Tokyo and Japan, as well as working adults to enroll in the university. In addition, at present, more than 37% of the student body is made up of female students.

Under such environment, the University has produced a great pool of talented graduates who are committed and contributed to various fields that range from academics, politics, economics, and arts to sports, etc. This is not restricted to the local level but extended to the global stage, reflected on the latest QS World University Ranking in which Waseda University is ranked 1st in Japan (6th in Asia and 26th in the World) in graduates employability.

We are in an era where globalization is progressing faster than ever. Science technology, and above all, information technology is also developing at a rapid speed. The world is now changing at a breathtaking pace. Qualities such as having a global perspective to tackle and solve problems in face of a world of uncertainty, and the ability to come up with creative solutions while being able to cooperate with people from different country and background, are being sought.

As such, the global leader that Waseda University imagines and aims to foster is one who has excellent communication skills, sharp observance, highly skilled expertise and at the same time able to employ knowledge from different fields, as well as the ability to think logically. In order to become the ideal figure Waseda University hopes to foster, you need to first develop a proactive mindset. In Waseda University, we provide many opportunities in various aspects for students to acquire these skills.

To all the freshmen, the new generation is in your hands. Never forget our founding principles. Think of what you want to do and should do for the coming generation that lies before you, and never stop striving for greater heights. I hope that you will spend your time at Waseda University with hope and I look forward to your success.