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Waseda Vision 150 launches special website

Waseda Vision 150, a strategic plan to establish Waseda University as the leading university in Asia by its 150th anniversary in 2032, is now in its 4th year. In order to visually share the progress of this plan with the general public, Waseda University launched a special Waseda Vision 150 website.

Content of the special Waseda Vision 150 website

This section explains what the 4 visions are, related core strategies, and specific goals.


This section covers the latest events and news related to Waseda Vision 150 with the year 2032 in mind.


One of the major goals on Waseda Vision 150 is to foster global leaders. This section introduces students and alumni from various countries, regions, and fields.


There are many goals to realize in Waseda Vision 150. Using graphs, chart, and other visual images, this section visually shows what the University has accomplished so far.

Example of infographics image

INFOGRAPHICS Waseda Vision 150 special website

By effectively presenting where Waseda stands within Waseda Vision 150, the University can focus on advancing its reform and build a stronger bond with faculty and staff, alumni, students, Waseda community members and affiliated or associated organizations.