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Waseda opens new European office

Belgium’s Princess Astrid attends opening of Brussels Office

On April 25, Waseda University opened its new European hub for students and researchers, located on the campus of ULB (Universite libre de Bruxelles) in Brussels.

The opening event was attended by Princess Astrid, the sister of King Phillippe of Belgium, as well as the Japanese Ambassador to Belgium, Director of International Cooperation in Research for the European Commission and officials from both universities.

President Kaoru Kamata

Waseda was founded not to gain benefits for just one country, but to seek harmony of East and West, for the good of the world. Brussels and the EU are becoming more and more important in academia, so the new office will help deepen Waseda’s relations with Belgium and the rest of Europe.

Rector Didier Viviers, ULB

This is an important moment for Waseda and ULB. It is an historic and organic decision by one of Japan’s best universities. The office will be the best link between our faculty, students and alumni.