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Completion of Library Workshop Series Spring 2014
Biannual instruction on searching for and using materials to help with reports, graduate theses and job search

The Library Workshop Series Spring 2014 was held for 3 weeks from June 23rd (Mon.) to July 11th (Fri.). Held every spring and autumn, this workshop uses a small-group format (about 10 students) to provide instruction on searching for materials by using university contract databases. The workshop can be completed in a single short session of only 60 minutes, making it easy for students to participate. The workshop is popular because the techniques learned can be immediately applied within the library. In addition to undergraduate students, many foreign students and graduate students also participate. A total of 175 students learned about the library in this spring’s workshop series.

Spring workshop

At the workshop, library staff provides detailed support to participants such as new students writing reports for the first time. The material covered ranges from basic information to practical skills. For example, lectures are given on how to efficiently utilize literature management tools and search engines, how to search for materials, and how to set themes for reports. Other topics taught include tips for industry research and corporate research using library material.

In addition to the workshop series, the library holds lectures on searching for materials as part of undergraduate seminars and first-year exercises. There are also events and exhibitions such as Library Week and Biblio Battle, which seek to create interest in the library and books. There are also projects implemented through cooperation with students. One example is “Become a Report Master,” a course held by Waseda University Library's Official Student Volunteers (LIVS) to teach methods for searching for literature which is useful when writing reports. Various events are planned for the coming autumn. We hope to see you at the library!