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Yuzuru Hanyu visits Waseda University President

Yuzuru Hanyu (Waseda University School of Human Sciences e-learning course) visited Waseda President Kaoru Kamata on April 24 to report on this season’s results. Hanyu picked up Japan’s first ever gold medal in men’s figure skating at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games as well as winning the World Figure Skating Championships.

In a meeting with President Kamata, Executive Director Takanori Miyauchi (Sports and Sports Promotion) and Dean of the School of Human Sciences Akio Tanigawa, Hanyu showed his passion and inquiring mind towards academics with his comment: “I have an interest in psychology, statistics and mathematics, and believe that, through the scientific method of human sciences, I can improve my figure skating techniques and ability to express myself.”

On his first visit to Waseda University, Hanyu said with a smile, “Honestly speaking, Waseda University is very big. I am happy to be able to come to Waseda which I had only previously seen in photos. It was good to see the beautiful wisteria in the Okuma Garden.” As for studies in the Waseda e-school, he also stated, “I enjoy psychology and especially sensory information engineering, which I am studying now. I want to study them hard because they are directly linked to skating.”

On his reasons for choosing Waseda University, Hanyu commented, “I decided to study at Waseda when Shizuka Arakawa, a Waseda graduate, won her gold medal at the Turin Olympics. Arakawa is a wonderful skater with human appeal, makes intelligent comments, and possesses a social awareness that I’m striving for. I’m pleased to be able to study at Waseda in the same way as Arakawa. I want to analyze my figure skating from various scientific viewpoints. From a human-science viewpoint, I can study artistic expression as well as technique and mental training. I chose the Waseda e-school because it has a style where I can study straight after practice.”

Looking at the Waseda Sports newspaper (Welcoming New Students Edition) which contained an article on his gold medal, Hanyu said, “I am happy that you wrote an article about me and conveyed this to the people at Waseda. I want people to know that studying at Waseda allowed me to win this medal, and hope to convey my achievements to the next generation.”

When asked what else he wants to do at Waseda University, Hanyu replied immediately, “I want to participate in the Waseda Festival. I really want to!” His enthusiastic comment brought smiles to the room.

On this visit, Hanyu, who has reached the pinnacle in figure skating, left a strong impression of his great interest in the field of human science research, his desire to further study his skating scientifically, and his ambition to grow as a human being. At the same time, Hanyu’s love for Waseda came through loud and clear. The whole University community looks forward to his further efforts to go beyond his limits and compete on the world stage.


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