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International project to develop new teaching methods
Waseda signs agreement with University of Washington

Waseda University and the University of Washington (Seattle, USA) signed an agreement on April 14 to jointly develop and demonstrate new teaching methods. Waseda’s Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT), opened in February 2014 and led by Director Shuji Hashimoto, will play a central role in managing the project.

In this project, the universities will bring together their educational research resources to advance blended learning *1 using ICT (Information and Communications Technology), flipped classroom *2 and active learning, with the eventual aim of establishing new methods related to Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

In regards to teaching methodology, this is Waseda’s first systematic research and development project in cooperation with an overseas university. In the future, through jointly-held workshops and publications, research results will be shared throughout Japan and around the world.


1. Blended learning: A teaching style that effectively combines video-on-demand lectures with lessons in the classroom.

2. Flipped classroom: A form of blended learning where traditional lectures are studied in advance via internet, with problems assigned as homework discussed in the classroom. This is a teaching style where the roles of classroom and home activities are reversed.


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