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Waseda University and DeNA to educate Entrepreneurs
Collaborate to Support Student Venture Startups

Waseda University (Shinjuku City, Tokyo, President: Kaoru Kamata) and DeNA Co., Ltd. (Shibuya City, Tokyo, President and CEO: Isao Moriyasu) will provide a new collaborative course, “Training Course for Entrepreneurial Leaders for Venture Businesses", from fall 2014. This course will be offered by Waseda's Global Education Center*1, which is available for all students across the University. The course is aimed to produce more successful student entrepreneurs, and to develop future leaders who can create new businesses within corporations.

Professors of the Waseda Faculty of Science and Engineering will teach the course. DeNA staff and board members, including its founder, as well as young business owners from Waseda alumni, will be invited as guest speakers. A group of researchers from the Waseda University Advanced Institute of Venture and Entrepreneurship (WAVE)*2, an integrated research institute in charge of planning and operating this course, will share their research results as guest speakers. DeNA, to support its first collaborative course, will share stories from founder Tomoko Namba and provide a lecture about practical tips for starting new businesses.

As one of the features of this course, students will compete against each other through presentations of their business plans on the last day of the course. Outstanding students will be eligible for the Japan Business Model Competition*3 and will receive various support from WAVE to start their businesses.

More information about the course

Waseda University Global Education Center (Tel 03-3204-8982)

・DeNA Co., Ltd. Public Relations Department (Tel 03-4366-7205)


*1: Waseda University Global Education Center

・Established: April 2013

・Objectives: Established by Waseda University as an educational institution to further enrich students' academic literacy and liberal arts education. These serve as a foundation for studying specialized fields and are required for professionals after graduation as well as to develop global leaders with human compassion and penetrating insight, as stated in the Waseda Vision 150 strategic plan.

・Activities: (1) Provide shared basic education across the university; (2) network with other universities; (3) reach outside of the university; and (4) provide non-credit education programs. For details, please see the following site:


*2: Waseda University Advanced Institute of Venture and Entrepreneurship (WAVE)

・Established: April 2014

・Composition: Waseda University Faculty (from Dept of Electronic and Photonic Systems and Dept of Intermedia Art and Science at the School of Fundamental Science and Engineering; Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences, etc.) and external people who have experience in supporting venture business start-ups (including some who taught and supported Taichi Murakami, a Waseda alumnus and youngest person to get a company listed on the Tokyo exchange (2011))

・Objectives: WAVE works to support venture companies and feed back research results to the society, and aims to contribute to growth strategies for pressing issues. WAVE uses the results of research activities in specific efforts such as: (1) development and evaluation of various programs to support and develop entrepreneurs based on successful cases; and (2) validation of many areas related to creating businesses, to grow seeds of technology for innovation.

*3: Japan Business Model Competition

・Establishment: The International Business Model Competition (IBMC) was begun by American scholars in 2011. Japanese scholars and entrepreneurs who had been involved with the IBMC established the executive committee of the Japan Business Model Competition (JBMC) in July 2013.

・Structure: The JBMC is one of the competitions through which winners can qualify for the IBMC. The JBMC's best student team can compete in the IBMC finals.

・Activities: The first JBMC in February 2014 was won by a team from Doshisha University. The fourth IBMC will be held in the U.S. in May 2014.

Syllabus for the new course