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Opening of the "Global Education Center"
towards realization of "Waseda Vision 150"

On November 15th of last year, Waseda University announced our mid- to long-term plan "Waseda Vision 150" as a roadmap towards the 150th university of our founding (2032). Among the plan's 13 core strategies, core strategy #2 states the goal of "Reconstruction of the educational system to develop global leaders." As a specific action for achieving this goal, we open the "Global Education Center" in April 2013.

Our university seeks to cultivate global leaders who possess warm humanity and penetrating insight. An essential part of this cultivation is to further enhance basic education, liberal arts education (including shared basic education) and international education which serve as a foundation for studying specialized fields, and which are required for performing as a professional in a variety of areas after graduation. One role of the Global Education Center is to combine basic education across entire university that has been conducted at the Open Education Center, liberal arts education and information education that has been conducted at Media Network Center. Then, the Global Education Center will establish shared basic education across undergraduate schools. This shared basic education is scheduled to start from the 2014 academic year. Furthermore, the center will also combine international education programs, preparations for foreign study and follow-up education, including studying abroad programs which are conducted at the Center for International Education.

By constructing a variety of educational programs as a systematic curriculum, the Global Education Center will ensure the organic functioning of each course. At the same time, we will appropriately link the Global Education Center's educational programs with specialized education conducted in undergraduate schools and graduate schools. By doing so, we will cultivate students who can serve as global leaders that think based on the multifaceted perspective and broad knowledge nurtured by the core strategies listed above.


Waseda Vision 150

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