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Waseda Vision 150: A mid- to long-term development plan with 13 Core Strategies designed for the 150th anniversary of the University's founding in 2032

Waseda University has drawn up a road map upon which to forge ahead as it continues to undertake profound missions facing today's universities. In line with this mid- to long-term plan "Waseda Vision 150," Waseda University aims to achieve an unshakeable position as an Asia's leading university.

President Kaoru Kamata discusses his vision for the 150th anniversary of Waseda's founding

Press conference for Vision 150

Waseda Vision 150 was named to mark the 150th-year anniversary of the University's establishment twenty years from now in 2032 and is a composite of the following four visions:
1. Attract students of the highest caliber and character from around the world to Waseda University who show promise in being able to contribute to the world;
2. Conduct research that will ultimately contribute to real world peace and happiness in human society;
3. Cultivate graduates (alumni) who, in all corners of the globe, and in every academic field, will contribute to the public good as global leaders, and who will continue to support an active and intimate collaborative network with Waseda University; and,
4. Establish an organizational and management structure that will transform Waseda University into Asia's premier "model university."

Essentially, Waseda Vision 150 serves as our road map as we think about "What do we need to accomplish at present?" and "What can we accomplish?" It details thirteen (13) Core Strategies, as well as specific Vision 150 Projects and other initiatives that are aimed at achieving these strategies.

The thirteen (13) Core Strategies encompass the entire range of topics upon which universities are operated, including the admissions process, education, research, international initiatives, pioneering new fields, and university management. We can group these Core Strategies into four (4) strategic objectives: (1) the cultivation of global leaders with a strong sense of humanity and wisdom; (2) the advancement of original research that leads to future innovations; (3) the creation of robust lifelong networks between alumni and regions; and (4) the establishment of a dynamic organizational framework adaptable to a changing world.

The Core Strategies in Waseda Vision 150 were formulated from a compilation of reforms proposed by the University's various administrative offices, based on analyses of current needs and issues of each organization. Following a draft review and further input from faculty, staff, alumni, and other stakeholders, this plan was officially finalized and adopted by the University's Executive Board as a long-term policy statement. In the coming months and years, as various initiatives of Vision 150 are instituted, audits and thorough reviews will also be implemented as necessary. It will ultimately be the responsibility of the Executive Board to not only oversee specific Vision 150 projects which are designed to realize Core Strategies but also to promote and report on Vision 150 to the university's stakeholders and the public-at-large.


President's Message

Waseda Vision150 (in Japanese)