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Natsumi Hoshi Wins First-ever Olympic Medal for an Active Female Student at Waseda University:
Bronze in the Women's 200M Butterfly at London

Natsumi Hoshi

Natsumi Hoshi (4th year student at the School of Sports Sciences) who appeared in the women's 200m butterfly swimming event at the London Olympics gave a great effort to win the bronze medal in the race and become the first active female student of Waseda University to win a medal at the games. It was the first time in 48 years, since the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, that an active student at Waseda University has won a medal in an individual event at the Summer Olympics.

About 50 Swimming Club members gathered at the Aqua Arena in Tokorozawa Campus, Waseda University and cheered her on while watching on a screen specially set up for the occasion. The coach, Keisuke Okuno (Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences), called out, "We are moving into the endgame" and "With everyone supporting Hoshi by cheering her on, let's witness an historic moment." Everyone present also continued to loudly cheer for her.

Natsumi Hoshi was looking to London to make up for her loss at the Beijing Olympics at which she was unable to advance to the finals. Hoshi, who specializes in putting pressure on other competitors in the second half of the race, was sixth at the 100m turn. However, when she emerged in fifth at the 150m turn, she steadily accelerated. With the Swimming Club members pushing her on by yelling, "This is it! This is it! This is it!" she overtook two others in the remaining 20m and finished in third with a time of 2:05:48.

After the race, Hoshi cried and revealed her feelings of regret while saying "I really trained hard with the aim of winning the gold medal, so I was truly disappointed." However, she then exploded with joy saying, "I was able to achieve my goal of becoming an Olympic medalist. I am truly filled with gratitude for all the support I have received from a great many people."

Takehisa Nakayama, captain of the Swimming Club (4th year student at the School of Sports Sciences), extolled the efforts of his classmate by saying, "That was an amazing race. I think she could really enjoy the great stage of the Olympics." Ai Oshima, the female captain of the Swimming Race Section (4th year student at the School of Sports Sciences), also added "Hoshi always tries her hardest without ever complaining. The last 50m were just like her. I offer my sincere congratulations to her."

The Swimming Club erupts with joy at Natsumi Hoshi winning the bronze medal (Aqua Arena, Tokorozawa Campus, Waseda University)

Congratulatory Message from Kaoru Kamata, President

"I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to Natsumi Hoshi for winning a bronze medal at the London Olympics. At Waseda University, a great many students and graduate students have appeared at the Olympics in the past and won medals, but, among them, across the summer and winter games, Natsumi Hoshi is the fourth women to have achieved such a feat since Shizuka Arakawa. The efforts of Natsumi Hoshi have not only greatly excited all her fans at Waseda University and people connected to this school across the country, but have also given courage, hope and inspiration to the people of Japan, including everyone instrumental in working toward reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake. I am very proud of the efforts of Natsumi Hoshi and I would like to express my sincere respect to her. I hope she will use this fantastic achievement as a step to make even greater efforts."


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