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Major League bound Wada visits Waseda, vows to work in tandem with ex-classmate and trainer Tsuchihashi

Wada and his chosen number "18", the same number from his Waseda days

On February 3, pitcher Tsuyoshi Wada of MLB's Baltimore Orioles (2003 Graduate from the Department of Sports Science, School of Human Sciences), and his trainer Keisyu Tsuchihashi (2003 Graduate from the Department of Sports Science, School of Human Sciences), visited Waseda University and held congenial talks with Executive Director Takanori Miyauchi (Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences), Head of the Waseda Institute for Sport Sciences Hiroshi Kawaguchi (Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, baseball team manager), and Professor Junichi Kasai (Faculty of Sport Sciences), former seminar professor who examined Wada's graduation thesis. Professor Kasai gave Wada these words of encouragement, "Do your best in America", with Wada replying reassuringly, "I want to use what I learnt at Waseda and live up to everybody's expectations by playing well in the majors."

Afterwards they moved to in front of the Okuma Auditorium where the Supporter's team, cheerleaders, Waseda Sports Newspaper Association, students from the Orioles home in Maryland, as well as supporters from the South Gate Shopping Street were decked out in pink short-sleeved shirts, and sent them off with a rousing "Go! Go! Wada!" and "Go! Go! Tsuchihashi!" Both gave warm words of encouragement to their juniors, "Make the most of your student life! Good luck in both study and sports!", and "You'll understand the quality of Waseda even more after graduating!"

Wada and Tsuchihashi will leave for America in the next few days to take on the challenge of the Major Leagues together. Once they have settled down, supporters from the closest Tomon-kai Society to Baltimore, the "Washington DC Tomon-kai", also have a welcoming party planned for the pair.

Wada (back row centre) in a ceremonial photograph with Tsuchihashi (back row, 3rd from the right)

Wada responding to the cheers in front of the Okuma Auditorium