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4 teams from Waseda enter the International Robot Exhibition 2011
"Jukusui-kun (Mr. Deep Sleep)", a robot supporting patients with sleep-apnea syndrome etc., on display

The International Robot Exhibition 2011, an exhibition bringing together and displaying industrial and service robots and related machinery from Japan and overseas, was held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center. From Waseda University, Kabe Laboratory at the Faculty of Human Sciences, Business and Academia Liaison Office at the Waseda Research Institute for Science and Engineering, Fujie Laboratory at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and Matsumaru Laboratory at the Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems, Faculty of Science and Engineering had displays at RT Plaza (university and research organization robot technology and systems booth), and in the special project Construction Robot Zone, as a result of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's "Housing and Construction Leading Technology Development Subsidy Project," the results of a joint project between the Kano Laboratory at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Shinryo Corporation and Maeda Corporation were displayed.

Among those, "Jukusui-kun" (left of photo), "tocco-chan"(right of photo), and "PIEROBO," were entered from the Kabe Laboratory at the Faculty of Human Sciences, and "Orihime" (bottom of photo) from the welfare robot research society representing Professor Kabe.

"Jukusui-kun" is a robot that aids patients with sleep-apnea syndrome, and improves breathing by monitoring snoring and blood-oxygen levels and correcting the user's sleeping posture. In addition to the expected contribution in reducing the ill-effects on the body caused by sleep-apnea syndrome and other complications (cerebrovascular disorder, high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, and diabetes etc.), it is hoped that through the early detection and support of incipient sleep-apnea syndrome patients, this will contribute to the prevention of automobile and rail accidents, and major work accidents caused by heavy drowsiness.

"Orihime" is a welfare support robot developed around the theme of alleviating the sadness of being unable to see family and friends while hospitalized or recovering at home, and differing from telephone and video phone calls which have been used until now. By taking Orihime to a separate place, the user can, at that place, receive a sense of togetherness with several acquaintances, as well as be able to expand emotional expressions with the hand raising function. Actual results include a hospitalized company manager using Orihime, going on a company trip and successfully hold a company explanation meeting, attending a university lecture from a separate place, participating in a discussion with several people, and going window shopping in Tokyo and communicating with the shop assistant from afar.

※Panels exhibited at the International Robot Exhibition by Kabe Laboratory and Professor Kabe's research society and Orihime will be displayed at the Science Gallery (Building No.55 S-Wing 1F) until December 15.