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General meeting of Waseda Diet Association held; participation from 35 members including Prime Minister Noda Overcoming party affiliations to sing Miyako-no-Seihoku and Konpeki-no-Sora

Prime Minister Noda, the 7th graduate of Waseda University to become Prime Minister

President Kamata discusses present conditions and future activities at Waseda University

The Waseda Diet Association (Chairperson: Yoshiro Mori), a meeting consisting of Diet members who are alumni of Waseda University, was held on November 16th at the ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo in Minato Ward, Tokyo. The meeting consisted of a general meeting and a mixer, and was attending by 35 Diet members including Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda (1980 Graduate from School of Political Science and Economics). The event was an opportunity for Diet members to have an exchange with exceeded party affiliations. When including both the Upper and Lower Houses of the Diet, a total of 95 members belong to the Waseda Diet Association. This was the first general meeting in 5 years, since 2006. The meeting was also attended by directors, faculty and staff from Waseda University, including President Kaoru Kamata.

Prime Minister Noda is the seventh graduate of Waseda University to become Prime Minister, following Tanzan Ishibashi (1907 Graduate from School of Letters, Arts and Sciences), Noboru Takeshita (1947 Graduate from School of Commerce), Toshiki Kaifu (1954 Graduate from School of Law), Keizo Obuchi (1962 Graduate from School of Letters, Arts and Sciences), Yoshiro Mori (1960 Graduate from School of Commerce) and Yasuo Fukuda (1959 Graduate from School of Political Science and Economics). Prime Minister Noda began the general meeting with the following speech: "We must share opinions honestly and take concerted action for the good of Japan. With this expectation in mind, I hope that Chairperson Mori and the Waseda Diet Association will take active measures. Personally, I pledge to work for the good of Japan while fulfilling my duties as a member of the Waseda Diet Association."

In addition to President Kamata, the general meeting was attended by Honorary Advisor Takayasu Okushima, Executive Advisor Katsuhiko Shirai and other former presidents of Waseda University. President Kamata gave the following speech: "In order for Japan to recover from the Great East Japan Earthquake and increase our international standing, universities must offer a new form of academics based on scientific research. We must also fulfill the vital role of cultivating strong global leaders who will be at the forefront of the next generation. Through the gracious cooperation and wisdom of the Diet members here today, Waseda will play a leading role in the mission placed on Japan's universities. I intend to exert all of Waseda's capabilities so that Japanese universities can compete equally with other universities throughout the world."

Also, a moment of silence was held for the Takeo Nishioka (passed away on November 5th; 1958 Graduate from School of Education), the former President of the Upper House who had been scheduled to give a toast at the meeting. Chairperson Mori reflected upon his exchange with Mr. Nishioka since their meeting at a speech session, commenting upon Mr. Nishioka's outstanding achievements and warm character. Afterwards, all of the Diet members in attendance gave a brief greeting, followed by a performance of "Life Theater" by Honorary Advisor Okushima. Finally, members formed a circle and sang Fight Song "Konpeki-no-Sora" (Azure Sky), Waseda-no-Eiko (Glory of Waseda) and Alma Mater "Miyako-no-Seihoku" (Northwest of the City) together with the Waseda University Cheering Club. Everyone in attendance pledged to conduct outstanding political activities regardless of differences in party affiliation.

Chairperson Mori honors Mr. Nishioka in front of a portrait of the deceased

35 Diet members attending the general meeting of the Waseda Diet Association

Raising fists and passionately singing Miyako-no-Seihoku

Forming a circle and singing Waseda-no-Eiko