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Waseda Online begins "Special Feature: East Japan Earthquake"
Concentrating our university's wisdom to provide the world with analysis and proposals

From April 4th, Waseda University has started posting "Special Feature: East Japan Earthquake" on Waseda Online (WOL), a website that conveys information about education, research, cultural successes and student activities. Utilizing the strength of our university which possesses a wide range of academic fields, the website will provide the world with an Opinion Page that contains multifaceted analysis and proposals given by faculty. The page will be posted once a week in both Japanese and English. The special feature will be continued for at least 10 weeks and may be continued further as necessary.

The strong earthquake which occurred on March 11th, 2011 brought unprecedented devastation to east Japan. Not only was damage caused by the earthquake, but also the ensuing tsunami and damage to nuclear power facilities. Currently, Japanese citizens are joining together and undertaking vital measures for recovery while receiving support from throughout the world. We believe that Waseda University can fulfill one of the responsibilities of a university by conveying research contents related to the earthquake.

The East Japan Earthquake involves a huge amount of issues include the earthquake, tsunami, nuclear accident, support for survivors, recovery planning, volunteer activities, disaster prevention, journalism, international affairs, politics and economics. In order to contribute to the solution of these issues, Waseda Online will convey independent and innovative research from a variety of fields and perspectives.

◆Waseda Online (WOL) https://yab.yomiuri.co.jp/adv/wol/
*The Opinion Page for "Special Feature: East Japan Earthquake" is updated every Monday.