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Film Hanamizuki released on Aug. 21, to depict a pure romance in Waseda University, starring Ms. Yui Aragaki

© 2010 Hanamizuki-filming committee

Director Nobuhiro Doi, who graduated from School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University, grabbed a megaphone, and filmed Hanamizuki (Flowering Dogwood)-Hope the romance between you and your lover will continue for 100 years in the Waseda campus and the Toyama campus, etc. This movie is to be released on Aug. 21 nationwide.

In this film, Sae (Yui Aragaki) relocates from Hokkaido to Tokyo, passes the entrance exam of Waseda University she has hoped to enter, and grows while interacting with her lover Kouhei (Toma Ikuta) and her superior Kitami (Osamu Mukai). Experiencing the advance to college, romance, and job hunting, she graduates from the university, and works as editor of a small publishing company in New York, using English she likes. The 10-year pure romance from puberty is depicted by this film.

The movie was filmed in the space in front of the Statue of Shigenobu Okuma, in front of Building No. 11 and Theatre Museum, in the courtyard of Building No. 3, the large classroom on the first floor of Building No. 15, and the Toyama campus slope, etc. Professor Kohei Ando of Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University (GITS) acted as professor.

Director Doi, who is from Hiroshima Prefecture, belonged to the theater research club when he was an undergraduate student. Since he entered TBS, he has directed many popular TV dramas. As for movies, he has produced the blockbuster movies Ima-ainiikimasu (I will come see you right now) starring Ms. Yuko Takeuchi and Mr. Shido Nakamura and Nada-sousou starring Satoshi Tsumabuki and Masami Nagasawa. Hanamizuki (Flowering Dogwood) is his third work.

Sae (Ms. Yui Aragaki) walking with Kitami (Mr. Osamu Mukai) inside the Waseda campus

Director Doi coaching Ms. Yui Aragaki about acting (left)

One scene in front of Building No. 11

Official website of the film Hanamizuki (Flowering Dogwood)-Hope the romance between you and your lover will continue for 100 years