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Student film officially invited to the Cannes International Film Festival
Showing of “The Tiger Factory” during the Directors' Fortnight Section

“The Tiger Factory,” a film co-produced by the Kohei Ando Laboratory and Malaysia's Green Light Pictures, was officially invited to the Directors' Fortnight Section of the 2010 Cannes International Film Festival, which is being held in Cannes, France. Mr. Edmund Yeo, a Malaysian foreign exchange student studying in the Ando Laboratory of the Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies, Waseda University, was involved in the planning and scripting of the film.

The official showing will take place on May 21st from 5:00 PM (local time). Together with the Berlin International Film Festival and the Venice International Film Festival, the Cannes International Film Festival is regarded as one of the world's 3 premier film festivals. Although the Directors' Fortnight Section is not part of the official competition, the section receives much attention as part of the Cannes festival which has discovered a great deal of film talent in the past.

Under the instruction of Professor Ando, Mr. Yeo supervised planning, scripting, casting, filming, editing and post-production for The Tiger Factory. The Malaysian film director Mr. Woo Ming Jin, a friend of Mr. Yeo, served as director of the film. The main character of the film is Ping, a young girl who dreams of going to Japan while working various jobs as a helper at a pig farm and a dish washer at a restaurant. Ping is raised by her Aunt Tien, who has taken the place of Ping's parents. However, Aunt Tien also works as manager of an illicit “baby factory” which takes babies born between young girls and illegal workers and trades them for money. Ping needs money in order to go to Japan, and Aunt Tien uses this desire for money to convince Ping to become pregnant. The film depicts the love -hate relationship between Aunt Tien and Ping, who has learned of her Aunt's true intentions.

Profile: Mr. Edmund Yeo

Born in Singapore on March 6th, 1984. Active as a film director, producer and editor. Studied film at Murdoch University in Australia. In 2007, entered employment at Green Light Pictures, a film company managed by Mr. Woo Ming Jin. Involved in the production and editing of many films at Green Light Pictures. Currently studying film at the Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies, Waseda University. Lives in Tokyo.

Filmography Image


CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY (2008/short film) Planning, directing, scripting, editing
BMW Short Film Festival (Malaysia/2008)
2008 Dubai International Film Festival
FLEETING IMAGES (2008/short film) Planning, directing, scripting, filming, editing
2008 Power & Grace Short Film Competition
LOVE SUICIDES (2008/short film) Directing, scripting, editing
Paris International Film Festival (2009)
Bergamo International Film Festival (Italy/2009)
Split International Festival of New Film (Croatia/2009)
Kingyo (2009/short film) Planning, directing, scripting, editing
Venice International Film Festival (2009)
Profile: Mr. Woo Ming Jin

Born in Ipoh, Malaysia in 1976. After completing his studies at the Department of Master of Art in Film & Television Production, San Diego State University, returned to Malaysia a. Has produced a great number of music videos, commercials and television programs. Is considered to be one of the most promising and talented directors in East Asia. The first Malaysian director to receive awards from the world's 3 premier film festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Venice).

[Awards] (abbreviated)

Berlin International Film Festival, Forum Section
Locarno International Film Festival
Torino Film Festival
Cinema Digital Seoul
(also shown at more than 50 film festivals throughout the world)
Venice International Film Festival, Horizons Section
Bergamo International Film Festival (Italy/2009)
Pusan International Film Festival
International Film Festival Rotterdam