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Memorial Opening Ceremony of WasedaSaga Junior High School and High School
Completion of school buildings and the “Hachitaro Hall” dormitory; enrollment ceremony on April 7th

Unveiling ceremony of the portrait bust

On March 17th, a memorial opening ceremony was held for WasedaSaga Junior High School and High School (Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture; Chairperson: Mr. Kenjiro Tsuchida; Principal: Mr. Yoshiaki Mizokami). Preparations for establishment of the school have taken place in Saga Prefecture, which is also the birthplace of Waseda University founder Shigenobu Okuma. A completion ceremony for the school buildings and dormitory was also held on the same day. Furthermore, an unveiling ceremony was held for the portrait bust of Shigenobu Okuma which is the symbol of Waseda University associated schools. The ceremonies were attended by approximately 150 local officials such as Mr. Yasushi Furukawa, Governor of Saga Prefecture, and Mr. Toshiyuki Sakai, Mayor of Karatsu City, and lavish prayers were raised for the start of the new associated school. The enrollment ceremony will be held on April 7th.

At the ceremony, the following greeting was given by Chairperson Tsuchida: “I am truly touched by the warm support that we received from so many local citizens. I hope that students will spend an unrestrained school life in scenic Karatsu, and that they will go on to spread their wings across the world.” Also, the following message was presented by Principal Mizokami: “By interacting with the rich local culture that exists in the Karatsu region, I hope that students will come to think of Karatsu as their second home and will develop into outstanding young professionals.”

Memorial opening ceremony

The portrait bust of Shigenobu Okuma is placed in all Waseda University affiliated and associated schools and is erected in the plaza directly in front of the main gate. The bust was unveiled together with a plate inscribed with Waseda’s mission, and the display was received with thunderous applause. Additionally, the Saga Prefecture chapter of the alumni association presented the school with a pine tree that Shigenobu Okuma is said to have climbed and played in when he was a young child.

The new school was built on the former site of the Prefectural Karatsu East High School, located at the foot of Karatsu Castle. The 4-story reinforced concrete school building was completely renovated. Measures were taken to improve the seismic resistance of the building. The interior and outer walls were also completely renovated. Hachitaro Hall, a dormitory named after Shigenobu Okuma’s childhood name, was newly constructed near the school buildings. The dormitory is capable of accommodating a total of 292 male and female students.

President Katsuhiko Shirai

“It has been our ardent wish for many years to establish an educational environment in founder Okuma’s birthplace. In the early Meiji Period, Mr. Tameyuki Amano, the 2nd President of Waseda University, studied in this very location at the English school Taikory. His teacher was Mr. Korekiyo Takahashi, who went on to become Prime Minister of Japan. This location was then inherited by the Prefectural Karatsu East High School and now by the Waseda University Saga School, and I feel that there is deep meaning in the history of the location. Waseda University is conducting education and research as a global university. At this new school, I firmly believe that students will acquire the Waseda spirit and will develop into adults who are capable of contributing to the world.”

Computer room

Main gate