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Mr.Bush Former President of the U.S. visited Waseda University.
"leaders need to have integrity."

Former President Bush at the lectern

The Waseda University Faculty of Sport Sciences (Dean: Isao Muraoka) recently held the Ike Ikuhara & Peter O'Malley Memorial Sports Management Seminar and Lecture to Commemorate the Selection of the Sports Science for Active Living Program for Global COE Funding. The event featured a special talk by the 43rd President of the United States of America, George W. Bush.

Mr. Bush, the former co-owner of the Texas Rangers and well-known sports authority, referred to his own experiences as he spoke about team management know-how. In the question and answer session, a student asked, "The President of the United States is considered the leader of the free world. What does it take to be a leader?" Mr. Bush replied, "You must speak the truth, present your ideals, and never compromise your beliefs for the sake of popularity. Whether in politics or in sports, leaders need to have integrity."

President Shirai presents Mr. Bush with a baseball jacket

During the opening ceremony, the cheerleading squad performed a special welcoming cheer, and 2 students who conducted internships with the Los Angeles Dodgers gave presentations on their achievements.

In the closing ceremony, after everyone sang the school song, Mr. Bush was presented with a baseball jacket emblazoned with the number 43 for the 43rd President. Mr. Bush immediately put on the jacket and the audience erupted in applause and laughter, ending the special event on a high note.

The lecture was held to praise the achievements of the late Ike Ikuhara, a Waseda baseball alumni and US-Japan baseball ambassador who served as an assistant to Peter O'Malley, the former owner and President of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who spent many years promoting major league baseball and the expansion of the sport around the globe. This was the 11th lecture and special talk held for students diligently engaged in the study of sports management.

A memorial photo with the Waseda cheering party