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"Photo Journalism Festival organized by Wasda University and Days Japan."

"Journalism" means the large range, so It asks from the aspect of "Photo Journalism" about the whole of journalism "Reconfirm with in seeing the work of journalists on the site", "Grope for the way of regaining trust for journalism", "Think about the future of the media field that changes drastically" in this festival.

For example the Journalist's work, especially it tends only for the kind of media that are the containers to be talked without understanding the base of this journalism though the visual journalism and the type journalism basically have the common background in the point of understanding the role to defend human rights and the life.

We think about not "crisis of media" from which management is talked to the center but the "crisis of journalism". And We also have the opportunity to think about these issues repeatedly "What do people need to know?", "What should people tell?", "What should journalist protect?", and think about the situation and the future of media while touching work of the journalists on the site.

This festival holds some exhibitions and lectures, and introduces the activity of the journalism education; because of Waseda University has the long history of journalism. And each event does an interactive activity by the volunteer's cooperation including the students.

The period becomes combined long-term events for several months for the core period as about two weeks. Many people participate, and it is hoped that consideration to journalism rises more because people in a wide layer including the students are targeted.

September 28(Mon), 2009 - February 27(Sat), 2010

Waseda University premised, Okuma Auditorium, Ono Azusa Auditorium, Ono Azusa Hall, Waseda Gallery, Okuma Memorial Tower, 125th Anniversary Room, Toyama Campus, and part of outside university(negotiationg)


co- hosted by Waseda University and Days Japan

Participating association (Waseda University)
[A] (1) Faculty of Political Science and economics (2) Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences (3) Faculty of Education (4) Kawaguchi Art School of Waseda University
[B] (1) Academic Affairs Division (2) Student Affair Division (3) Campus Planning Division (5) Office of Information and Public Relations
[C] (1) Waseda University Institute for Education in Journalism (2) Institute of Islamic Area Studies
[D] (1) Open Education Center (2) The Hirayama Ikuo Volunteer Center (3) Extension Center

Cosponsor and Partnership (syllabaric order)
Kiyosato Musium of Photographic Arts/ SIGLO Ltd./ Shinjuku City, Tokyo/ Nikon Imaging Japan inc./ The Mainichi Newspapers/ Japan Broadcasting corporation (NHK)/ Waseda University COOP