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Towards the Dream of the No. 1 Japanese High School American Football Team
Waseda University Senior High School to play in the Christmas Bowl

A scene from the Kanto Tournament championship game.

Waseda University Senior High School, which won the preliminary games of the Kanto Region in the 39th All-Japan High School American Football Championship, will play in the Christmas Bowl on December 23rd. The Christmas Bowl determines the No.1 high school team in all of Japan. This year is Waseda University Senior High School's 2nd consecutive appearance in the Christmas Bowl, and 4th overall appearance. The football team is seeking their 2nd championship, with the last championship coming 21 years ago.

Waseda's opponent is Osaka Sangyo University Senior High School, the Kansai Region representative. In last year's game, Waseda lost to Osaka Sangyo by the score of 6-23. This year's game promises to be a fierce contest, as Waseda University Senior High School challenges their longtime rival in an attempt to gain revenge for the previous year's defeat.

Refer to the following link for details of last year's game: http://www.waseda.jp/gakuin/club/07Xmas/index.html)

The championship game will be held on December 23rd (Tuesday) from 1:00 PM at Oji Stadium (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture). The contest is an away game for Waseda University Senior High School. However, our team will be cheered on by the team band, as well as by many students, parents, academic staff, and alumni. All those cheering will surely witness the realization of Waseda's dream.

Coach Yoshida

After last year's defeat in the Christmas Bowl, we have practiced with the goal of becoming the No. 1 team in Japan. Our players won the Kanto Tournament under the intense expectations of victory, and I can only describe their play as outstanding. We have waited a long time to play on this national stage. I hope that we can play our best game this year.

Captain Komatsubara

We were able to advance to the Christmas Bowl for the 2nd consecutive year, and I feel grateful to all of our supporters for this chance. In order to avenge last year's defeat, we have broken down our limits and given everything that we have to practicing football. I have confidence in my teammates, and I hope that our team effort will make us Japan's No. 1 team. Please cheer for us on December 23rd!