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Waseda University Baseball Team Achieves Full Victory
- Waseda Gardens Overflows with the Excitement of a Parade -

On November 3rd, Waseda University, which has achieved its 41st championship in the Tokyo Big 6 Baseball League games, defeated Keio University by the score of 4-1. This victory gave Waseda wins over all other universities, resulting in full victory. Waseda held the annual victory parade, or "Lantern Parade", which started from Jingu Stadium and wound its way to Waseda University.

Nine players run towards the mound in the moment of victory.

"Northwest of City", the Waseda school song, rings out under a clear autumn sky in Jingu Stadium

This was the final league game for seniors. Outfielder Keijiro Matsumoto (4th year student, School of Sports Science) won the honor of batting champion for the first time, Captain Hironori Uemoto (4th year student, School of Sports Science) achieved playing in all the innings of the 104 games since spring of his freshman year, and catcher Takeshi Hosoyamada (4th year student, School of Sports Science) was selected to the Best Nine. All three players gave performances appropriate for athletes selected in the Japanese Professional Baseball draft.

Matsumoto wins his first batting championship.

Also, ace pitcher Yuki Saito (2nd year student, School of Education) threw for 7 of the team's 10 total wins, and achieved the double honors of Winningest Pitcher and Best Nine. Furthermore, relief pitcher Tatsuya Oishi (2nd year student, School of Sports Science) performed strongly, totaling 34 strikeouts in 16 innings of pitching, while also posting a 0.00 earned run average. These athletes gave the ultimate present to all of the graduating Waseda seniors.

The parade ended in front of the Okuma Auditorium, where 9 members of the baseball team took the stage to raise their voices in joy and to express gratitude to their teammates, families, and student supporters, while also inviting laughter from the audience with their performance on the microphone.

From November 15th (Saturday), the Waseda University Baseball Team will participate in the Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament, where they will battle to become the No. 1 university team in Japan during the autumn season.

Second baseman Uemoto, who lead Waseda as captain.

Hosoyamada, who guided Waseda to total victory with his skillful lead.

Uniform number "1" stands tall on the mound.

Strikeout machine Oishi showed overwhelming pitching.

"Lantern Parade", the annual victory parade.

"Glory of Waseda" was sung passionately at the celebration in front of Okuma Auditorium.