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Notification to Beijing!
"Azure Sky" 22 Participants from Waseda

Summer 2008-The Olympics and the Paralympics are gathering in Beijing. In total, 22 alumni and current Waseda students will compete in the games. Your support is appreciated!

The spirits of athletes and students are united.

Athletes put their arms around one another under the "azure sky."

Students cheering for athletes

In July at Okuma Statue Square two farewell parties occurred for the Olympic and Paralympic competitors. Even in the fierce heat, over 1000 students showed up and raised their voices in our cheering song "Azure Sky" for the 8 young representatives flying from northwest of the capital towards Beijing and towards the world. The competitors said they were surprised to see such a huge crowd of people cheering for them, and that it inspired them to give their all starting tomorrow. It was undeniably moving to witness the crowd cheering to give the competitors courage.

The currently enrolled students participating in the Olympics are Asami Kitagawa (Sport Science, 3rd year, Swimming), Ai Fukuhara (Sport Science, 2nd year, Table Tennis), Honami Tsuboi (Sport Science, 1st year, Rhythmic Gymnastics), Kensuke Takezawa (Sport Science, 4th year, Track), and Yuriko Takeshita (Sport Science, 2nd year, Canoe). The participants in the Paralympics are Takahiro Hasegawa (Sport Science, 1st year, Archery), Tomoki Tagawa (Science and Engineering, 1st year graduate student, Track), and Takayuki Suzuki (Education, 4th year, Swimming). "Azure Sky" which reaches to Beijing from northwest Tokyo will encourage them.

Student Competitors' Comments
Olympic Competitors
Asami Kitagawa

"I want to continue showing everyone my characteristic smile. So please cheer for me! No matter what path we choose, there are times we're lost. But I'll work hard to think positively and stay confident, because this is the path I chose."

Ai Fukuhara

"Thank you for the farewell parties. I was able to feel like I'm a real member of the Waseda community. I really want to give my all tomorrow. I want to play without regrets and live up to your expectations!'

Honami Tsuboi

"I was surprised at the strength of Waseda's support. I've been supported by so many people and worked hard to get here. I'm going to put all my strength towards the best performance in return for that support."

Kensuke Takezawa

"Before being a representative of Japan, I am a representative of Waseda. I want to stretch my limits for Toshihiko Seko who couldn't enter the Moscow Olympics and Yasuyuki Watanabe who couldn't enter the Atlantic Olympics."

Yuriko Takeshita

"I've wanted to go to the Olympics since I was in high school. My dream has come true! There have been so many people cheering for me this far. I hope I can live up to their expectations!"

Paralympic Competitors
Takayuki Suzuki

"The Athens Paralympics and the world championship were both silver medals for me. This time is gold for sure. Please don't cheer for the Olympics only, also cheer for the Paralympics!"

Tomoki Tagawa

"I was proud to stand together with the Olympic competitors today. It's our chance to show the world just how amazing Waseda is. I want to give my all in Beijing and make full use of this chance!"

Takahiro Hasegawa

"The Paralympics are a check-point for me. I'm aiming for gold in Beijing. First I'll clear the goal in front of me, my next goal is to be an Olympic competitor sooner or later."

Beijing Olympic squad
Category Name Events Department Year of graduation
Student Ai Fukuhara Table tennis, women's singles and women's team competition Second-year student majoring in sports science  
Student Asami Kitagawa Swimming, 200-m individual medley Third-year student majoring in sports science  
Student Yuriko Takeshita Canoeing Second-year student majoring in sports science  
Student Honami Tsuboi Rhythmic gymnastics First-year student majoring in sports science  
Student Kensuke Takezawa Track and Field, 10,000 m and 5,000 m Fourth-year student majoring in sports science  
Alumna/us Atsushi Sato Marathon Human science 2001
Alumna/us Akira Ishibashi Sailing, 49er class skipper Human science 1996
Alumna/us Yoriko Okamoto Taekwondo Human science 1995
Alumna/us Akiko Iwamoto Rowing, lightweight women's double scull Pedagogy 2001
Alumna/us Misaki Kumakura Rowing, lightweight women's double scull Human science 2006
Alumna/us Takuro Fujii Swimming, 100-m butterfly and 200-m individual medley Sports science 2008
Alumna/us Maki Mita Swimming, 4 × 200 m relay Pedagogy 2006 (dropout)
Alumna/us Tsuyoshi Wada Baseball Human science 2003
Alumna/us Norichika Aoki Baseball Human science 2004
Beijing Paralympic squad
Category Name Events Department Year of graduation
Student Takayuki Suzuki Swimming fourth-year student majoring in pedagogy  
Student Takahiro Hasegawa Archery First-year student majoring in sports science  
Student Tomoki Tagawa Track and Field Advanced Science and Engineering  
Alumna/us Mami Sato Long jump School of Commerce 2004
Alumna/us Junpei Kimura Swimming Pedagogy 2007
Alumna/us Junichi Kawamura Swimming Graduate School of Education 2005