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In the year for the friendly interaction among Chinese and Japanese youth, Chinese high school students visit Waseda University Senior High School

They interacted by playing games, etc. at the section meeting

In order to facilitate the mutual understanding and friendly relationship between China and Japan though the interaction among youth, the delegation composed of 200 Chinese high school students visited Japan, as part of the project for the friendly interaction among Chinese and Japanese youth hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Out of them, about 60 students, who came from Guizhou, Jilin, and Jiangsu, visited Waseda University Senior High School in Nerima-ku, Tokyo, on April 15.

At the welcome ceremony, principal Hiroshi Yamanishi greeted, "Over the long history of China and Japan, Japan learned a lot from China, and some of them became the cornerstone of Japanese culture. We are very honored to meet you at the 125th anniversary of the foundation of Waseda University in the first year of our second century. Please enjoy learning mutually." A high school student majoring in the Chinese language served as an interpreter, and the audience applauded them.

After that, the students were divided into small groups, and a section meeting was held in each classroom, where Waseda students introduced themselves by reading their names in Chinese, and Chinese students sang a song that is popular in China, and then Waseda students sang the school song titled "Miyako-no-seihoku (Northwest of Capital)." In such a way, they enjoyed the interaction.

At the closing ceremony, Waseda students presented Waseda goods, such as clutch bags, to Chinese students, while Chinese students presented a lacquer vase, which is a traditional craftwork in Guizhou, to Waseda students. A female student in brightly-colored ethnic costume of Guizhou said, "I think such interaction is useful for mutual growth. I believe that the flower of the friendship between China and Japan will certainly bloom beautifully through joint efforts," leaving reluctantly.

On Tuesday, April 22, the symposium for the interaction among Chinese and Japanese high school students titled "Attractiveness of the Understanding of Different Cultures" will be held at Ibuka Masaru Memorial Hall, and Waseda students and Chinese high school students will get together again.

Principal Yamanishi greeting

Chinese high school students observing Waseda class

Waseda goods presented

Japan-China Youth Friendship Exchange Year