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(Mar. 12)The QuonNet "Creative Contest"
(Jan. 28)Mr. Sadaharu Oh "Work hard without being complacent."
(Dec. 25)QuonNet Connecting the World - A Learning SNS from Waseda
(Dec. 17)Towards the Dream of the No. 1 Japanese High School American Football Team
Waseda University Senior High School to play in the Christmas Bowl
(Dec. 1)Honorary Doctoral Degree presented to Former Vice-President Gore - Recognition of his efforts in protection of the global environment -
(Nov. 7)Waseda University Baseball Team Achieves Full Victory - Waseda Gardens Overflows with the Excitement of a Parade -
(Oct. 23)Further Advance in London-Briefing on Beijing Olympics and Paralympics
(Oct. 2)Open Lecture that Examines the Movie Ikigami —What does it mean to live?—
(Sep. 29)Waseda Athletes: Outstanding Performance at Paralympics
(Sep. 1)The Reason Why I Continue to Swim - Participant in 5 Consecutive Paralympics -
(Aug. 8)Notification to Beijing! "Azure Sky" 22 Participants from Waseda
(Jul. 7)Waseda University Affiliated School in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture - Creating Great Dreams and Developing Global Citizens -
(May. 14)National Chairman Hu Jintao speaks of future-oriented amity to next term's Japanese and Chinese youth
(Apr. 21)In the year for the friendly interaction among Chinese and Japanese youth, Chinese high school students visit Waseda University Senior High School
(Apr. 10)"Waseda rules" Yubari International Film Festival
(Apr. 1)To our inaugural freshmen in the "Second Century" of Waseda
(Apr. 1)Advanced Life Medicine Center Launched based on the Collaboration between Waseda University and Tokyo Womenfs Medical University
(Apr. 1)Waseda University Baseball Team: Renewing Ties with the University of Chicago after 72 Years