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WASEDA University Newsletter from WOL No.8 (2011-05-31)
OpinionWeekly Opinion
The Nuclear Power Plant Accident and the Media:
Did They Overcome the Imperial General Headquarters' Announcement?
Shiro Segawa
Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University
On May 1st-some 50 days after the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Disaster-we visited Kesennuma City in Miyagi Prefecture, which was severely affected by tsunamis, to conduct surveys and collect information on the earthquake disaster and the media.

While we did not find any damage in the appearance of the area around town hall or a train station on a small hill, on going into a lowland area near the sea, we saw destroyed houses and heaps of debris extending all around. Though roads were only cleaned off for automobiles, most of the debris was left untouched. When it rained, the rotten smell of dead fish hung in the air.
Message from President to all graduating students of AY2010 undergraduate schools, graduate schools and Art and Architecture School
My name is Kaoru Kamata, President of Waseda University. On behalf of Waseda University, I would like to express a few words to congratulate all graduating students of AY2010 in undergraduate schools and Art and Architecture School, and the graduate students receiving their Master's and Doctoral degrees, as well as their families and all persons concerned.

First of all, I would like to extend our deepest condolences to the victims of the disaster that hit the Tohoku and Kanto regions. Our prayers and hearts go out to all those who have suffered from this tragic event, and we sincerely hope for the earliest recovery of the affected areas.
Establishment of Waseda University Center for Research on Reconstruction from the Great East Earthquake
7 Research Themes Selected for 3 Mid-/Long-Term Research Projects
With aspiration to contribute to reconstruction of the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, Waseda University has established "Waseda University Center for Research on Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake" (Administered by Prof. Yoshiaki Fukazawa, Senior Executive Director for Research Promotion). This mid-/long-term research project will make full use of the academic resources in the University as an intellectual community, encompassing the three research projects and seven research themes listed below.

Research that will contribute to the society is one of the most important roles of Waseda University. It is our mission to pursue research that will contribute to reconstruction of the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and to minimization of the potential damages which may be induced by other disasters in future.
Waseda Online begins "Special Feature: East Japan Earthquake"
Concentrating our university's wisdom to provide the world with analysis and proposals
From April 4th, Waseda University has started posting "Special Feature: East Japan Earthquake" on Waseda Online (WOL), a website that conveys information about education, research, cultural successes and student activities. Utilizing the strength of our university which possesses a wide range of academic fields, the website will provide the world with an Opinion Page that contains multifaceted analysis and proposals given by faculty. The page will be posted once a week in both Japanese and English. The special feature will be continued for at least 10 weeks and may be continued further as necessary.

The strong earthquake which occurred on March 11th, 2011 brought unprecedented devastation to east Japan. Not only was damage caused by the earthquake, but also the ensuing tsunami and damage to nuclear power facilities.
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