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WASEDA University Newsletter from WOL No.5 (2010-06-30)
OpinionWeekly Opinion
Whaling and Tuna Fishing
Don't fall for the false dichotomy of "Civilized vs. Barbaric"
Masao Nishimura
Professor, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences Waseda University
Recently whaling has received renewed attention, as has tuna fishing - attention which stems from the relative sensitivity of nations to these global environmental issues. Japan has been virtually isolated from the international community in terms of whaling, turning almost all other countries against us. While the focus in the past was on whaling as a barbaric act, it is now associated with environmental issues. As industrialization took place in Western countries early on, Western people became aware of environmental issues earlier than other countries which followed the Western countries in terms of industrialization.
ResearchKnowledge Co-Creation - Profiles of researchers
From Space to the Human Body--
Challenging the Frontiers of High-Energy Radiation Physics
Jun Kataoka
Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
X-rays and gamma-rays are the same electromagnetic waves as visual light, but possess much higher energy that cannot be seen by the human eye. High-energy astronomy is a field of astrophysics that searches where in the universe such high-energy photons are produced, how it is formed, and its origins. And within that field is "gamma-ray astronomy", my major, in which we "examine" the universe with gamma-rays, which contain 100 million times the high-energy of visible light.
Student film officially invited to the Cannes International Film Festival
Showing of "The Tiger Factory" during the Directors' Fortnight Section
"The Tiger Factory," a film co-produced by the Kohei Ando Laboratory and Malaysia's Green Light Pictures, was officially invited to the Directors' Fortnight Section of the 2010 Cannes International Film Festival, which is being held in Cannes, France. Mr. Edmund Yeo, a Malaysian foreign exchange student studying in the Ando Laboratory of the Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies, Waseda University, was involved in the planning and scripting of the film.
Campus NowIt introduces the latest information of Waseda University by monthly.
Spring Verdure Issue (May)
Memorandum with the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training, International Education Development Bureau
A Treasure of Knowledge: Waseda University Library
Examining the forest of library
Messages to Their Second Century
Expectations for global space development and cooperative partnerships which exceed the boundaries of Japan
From the classroom window
Cultivate thinking and elicit individuality. This is one form of "high-quality classes."
A WASEDA Miscellany
Embracing Changes
Career Compass
The first step to a career is developing strengths and accumulating varied experiences
Waseda rediscovery
Performance that eclipses professionals
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