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WASEDA University Newsletter from WOL No.3 (2009-12-04)
OpinionWeekly Opinion
How to Interpret Opinions of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism-
On JAL Reconstruction and Repositioning Haneda as an International Hub
Hajime Tozaki
Professor, Organization for Asian Studies Waseda University
The mass media cover the issue of Japan Airlines (JAL) reconstruction nearly every day. It would be a mistake to regard this as simply an issue of management at one corporation. It is, in fact, a significant issue which involves airline administration and airport administration, and which also affects transportation policy as a whole.

While JAL is a private company, it is also called upon to fill a public transportation role, as it is required to serve regional routes that are not profitable, and this is where JAL differs from a purely private company. Most of these unprofitable routes were created one after another, prompting strong criticism from regional airports, which regard them as a boondoggle.
ResearchKnowledge Co-Creation - Profiles of researchers
In Pursuit of the Garden of Mathematical Study--
Mastering Precision-Guaranteed Numerical Calculation
Shinichi Ooishi
Professor at Waseda University, Faculty of Science and Engineering
Since high school, I was a precocious student who studied very keenly the subjects I was interested in, but felt that school lessons were too easy, and boring. I read piles of books, thinking to myself, “I want to be a writer,” and studied German passionately. After a year, I reached the point where I could read the school’s German textbook and supplementary reading materials in their entirety on the day they were handed out, without having to check any words in the dictionary, so I figured that I had achieved enough with German, and thereafter became engrossed in mathematics.
The World Expressed Through Photographs
-Holding of Photojournalism Festival
This autumn, a joint event between Waseda University and DAYS JAPAN forms the core period of the Photojournalism Festival. I am sure that some people have already noticed the flags placed on the streets of the Waseda Shopping District.

“Journalism” means the large range, so It asks from the aspect of“Photo Journalism” about the whole of journalism “Reconfirm with in seeing the work of journalists on the site”, “Grope for the way of regaining trust for journalism”, “Think about the future of the media field that changes drastically” in this festival
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