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WASEDA University Newsletter from WOL No.14 (2013-04-23)

Opinion Weekly Opinion

Dance and the Entertainment Business Law:
Why doesn't the law allow people to dance?

Kenjiro Iwamura
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Law, Waseda University

My area of specialty is the history of Cuba, and the reason I first became interested in this subject was because I began dancing salsa as a student. Salsa is a music and dance form which is performed in a pair, and which became popular in America after it was imported by immigrants coming across the Caribbean from Cuba, Puerto Rico, etc.


Research Waseda research zone - latest news on project research

Exploring 21st Century Japanese Systems in a Globalizing World

Research Institute of Contemporary Japanese Systems

The terms Japanology has traditionally been used to refer to the study of Japanese history and culture. This academic discipline originally developed from the viewpoint of Japan as seen by foreigners, or that of Japan's significance for other countries, and was mainly advanced by European and American researchers.



Yoko Tawada & Aki Takase performance and workshop

Miho Matsunaga
Professor, Faculty of Letters,Arts and Sciences, Waseda University

On November 15-16 last year, the performance "Mushi no Shirase (The Insect's Report)" and workshop "Kotoba to Ongaku (Words and Music) Vol.3" were held by Yoko Tawada & Aki Takase at the Ono Auditorium. This year already marks the third year of the event staged by the Berlin-based pair.


Reviews Theater

A love letter that conjures up an image: Walking the forest of Iei (Memorial Photograph)―Rieko Shiga Exhibition Rasen Kaigan (Spiral Coast)

Yukie Mase
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences

After three hours of taking in the Raisen Kaigan exhibition at Sendai Mediatheque, I was fully satisfied. Continuing on from my last entry, although I feel a little guilty about not writing much about so-called theatre in a theatre review column, I wanted to feel the theatrical border violating power of this exhibition that gives a sensation of opening up a crack into another dimension in the everyday lives of the visitors.


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