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Study Abroad - From WASEDA to the world -

From Waseda to America

Mizuki Ono
5th-Year Student at the School of Education

Living in a foreign country makes you conscious of your own opinions and perspective.

I studied abroad at Lewis and Clark College in the state of Oregon, United States of America. Many students at the school had come from various regions and countries, and there was an atmosphere of acceptance for many different cultures.

Even so, it was difficult for me to live in a multicultural environment. In particular, I experienced difficulty with the classes that occupied the majority of my days. The reason for my struggles was the high content of group work and discussions during classes while studying abroad. It was exceedingly different from the mainly passive classes taught in Japan. For that reason, I was initially unable to actively participate in classes.

However, one day I realized the self-evident truth that opinions are formed based on experience. I learned that I could form my own opinions and perspective from my own unique experience. I think that I did not express my own opinions and perspective so often in Japan. Since I was studying in a foreign country, I decided to actively participate in classes by contributing original opinions only possible from the unique perspective of a Japanese person. Furthermore, by stating my own opinions, I became conscious of my own thinking in ways which I had never noticed before. In this way, I realized that broadening my perspective is enjoyable. Today, I am actively embracing new challenges in an effort to become a person with an even broader perspective.

I believe that foreign study provides the opportunity to notice things of which you are unaware in Japan. Although each person gains something different from studying abroad, the experience will certainly leave you enriched in some way. University students have the time to study abroad and can take advantage of the thorough support offered by Waseda. I hope that you will make the most of the opportunity for foreign study, thus widening your own possibilities.

An International Fair is held annually at the university. Foreign students serve famous dishes from their native country.

Photograph taken while dressing up with friends from around the world before participating in a dance party (Mizuki is 3rd from the left)