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Study Abroad - From WASEDA to the world -


Kenji Tsuji
3rd-year student at the School of Social Sciences

“My challenge in the small international country of Sweden.”

I studied abroad at Linnaeus University in southern Sweden. This small university is a 15-minute bus ride from the small country town of Vaxjo. Despite its remote location, the university has an extremely international atmosphere thanks to its participation in the ERASMUS Plan which permits free mobility of university students in the EU region. The dormitory was home to foreign students from countries including Korea, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Indonesia and Canada, etc. This atmosphere provided me with a wonderful opportunity to learn about a variety of national characteristics. For example, what sense of distance is appropriate when communicating? What kind of topics lead to lively conversation?

In addition to my studies, I focused on embracing new challenges. I wanted to experience as many things which are not possible in Japan as possible. At first, I had some difficulties because my poor English language ability didn’t match my enthusiasm. However, I continued to give my best effort without worrying about embarrassment. For example, I took trips with 13 other students from German-speaking countries, organized parties and even took dance lessons—a total first for me! Putting it simply, foreign study is all about embracing challenges. Having the courage to take the first step resulted in experiences which support me today as a source of confidence.

Everyone has a completely different experience when studying abroad. However, in my opinion, there is no success or failure in foreign study. Still, there is great meaning in embracing new challenges. Waseda University has a wide variety of foreign study programs that offer many chances to students. (By preparing from your 1st year, it is possible to graduate in 4 years even when studying abroad.) Now is the time for you to take advantage of the opportunities which await you!

Dinner party with other dormitory students. Everyone brought food from their native country.

Campus of Linnaeus University. Classrooms are on the left while library on the right.