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Study Abroad - From WASEDA to the world -


Aya Ikawa
3rd year student at the School of Commerce

“Knowing your potential through overseas study”

I took part in an exchange program to the University of Toronto in Canada, studying for a year in the faculty called Rotman Commerce. I was able to learn how to conceive ideas to create business, and conduct extremely practical study. I recommend the University of Toronto, with its roster of many professors taking lessons you “want to listen to”, as a destination to study abroad.

Now, as everyone knows, Toronto is a multicultural city where you can meet people from many different backgrounds. When you go overseas, you become the minority and expect a kind of “special treatment”, but because many Asians, including Japanese, live in Toronto, I felt I was relentlessly treated the same as Toronto citizens.

In that kind of Toronto, other than studying at university, I enjoyed shopping and eating out, and doing an internship at a publishing company. While engaging in the editing of a free paper, I also went out and reported on restaurants and events, and just before returning to Japan, I had the opportunity to watch a Major League Baseball game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees from the media box. Including that experience of watching Ichiro practicing from the mound and feeling, firsthand, the popularity of Munenori Kawasaki, life in Toronto became to have great substance.

Studying overseas is a great chance to get to know your own potential. Because you are put in many situations where you must act independently, you can’t cheat yourself by saying, “I can do it if I try, but I just haven’t tried yet.” I think you should try and test your strengths in that type of overseas environment.

With students from India and Austria (Ikawa is at the top left.)

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with friends (Ikawa is in the centre.)