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Study Abroad - From WASEDA to the world -

From WASEDA to France

Mizuha Suzuki
4th year student at the School of International Liberal Studies
Destination of Foreign Study: Paris Institute of Political Studies

Knowledge gained through studying abroad is an advantage throughout life; friends made overseas are a treasure

I study at the Paris Institute of Political Studies, a famous European university in the field of social sciences. This specialized institute of higher education has produced French presidents and numerous officials employed at international institutions such as the United Nations (UN), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). At the institute, I study international political science and economics based on public philosophy. The classes are small groups of elite students and many of the professors are government officials. This creates an ideal environment for study. For example, it is possible to get an internal viewpoint on policy-making and foreign diplomacy. However, the classes also come with an enormous amount of homework. I struggle everyday with reading assignments and reports!

Currently, I am affiliated with the Groupe d'Economie Mondiale (GEM), a group under the direct control of the Paris Institute of Political Studies. I study regional economic integration with a focus on Asia. My instructor is Professor Patrick Messerlin (GEM Director), former Senior Economist at the World Bank. I am also affiliated with a junior consulting corporation run by the institute. Therefore, in October of last year, I represented the Paris Institute of Political Studies as a participant in an international student congress on strategy management which was held by the London School of Economics (LSE). This congress was attended by students from throughout the world who had passed a strict screening of application documents. At the congress, I worked together with students from famous universities such as Stanford, Cambridge and Oxford in order to conduct case studies and hold discussions related to organizational strategy at multinational corporations. It was a very stimulating experience. My period of foreign study will end this summer, after which I have secured an internship as a research assistant at the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) in Brussels. I plan to conduct research on economic cooperation between Japan and the EU.

University students are generally free from responsibilities and obligations due to social position. Therefore, I believe that time at university should be spent actively engaging in matters and refining one's self. Internationalization is taking place in the world today, and it is very important to be conscious of conditions overseas. Knowledge gained through studying abroad is an advantage that will last your entire life and friends made overseas are a treasure. Based on your desire and motivation, foreign study is an opportunity that will provide many future chances. I hope that everyone will seriously consider studying abroad.

With Professor Messerlin

At the international student congress of the London School of Economics (LSE)