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Study Abroad - From WASEDA to the world -

From Waseda to Australia

Ms. Shoko Ito
4th Year Student at the School of International Liberal Studies

Speak English!

Ms. Ito had desired to study abroad in Australia ever since she first entered university. From September of 2008, she spent 1 year studying in Adelaide, Australia as part of the TSA Program*1. The first half year of her study was spent concentrating on improving her English at a language school, while the remaining half year was spent studying at the University of Adelaide with a focus on themes of the TSA Program. At the University of Adelaide, Ms. Ito experienced difficulties with the discussion class. "I was determined to take the initiative to speak, and, with that attitude, I managed to work through class each day. Even at home, I spent all day listening to ABC broadcasting."

Extracurricular activities provided a chance to study

However, extracurricular activities were the true method that Ms. Ito used to improve her language abilities. "I really wanted to study living English, so I participated in beach volleyball, tennis, frisbee, and a variety of other activities outside of the university. Also, there are many volunteer activities in Australia that offer easy participation through websites, so I participated about 10 times in activities such as environmental conservation." Another feature of Ms. Ito's study abroad is that she worked at a revolving sushi restaurant (Sushi Train) for more than half a year. "I had the natural opportunity to study real English through conversation with my customers." Sushi is very popular in Adelaide, and there are many casual sushi restaurants that specialize in takeout. Furthermore, Ms. Ito participated in discussions cafes held by the AJA (Australia Japan Association) and was able to make many friends. "The appeal of Adelaide is that it offers so many easily accessible opportunities."

Firm self-management in a relaxed atmosphere

Perhaps the greatest appeal of studying abroad in Australia is the opportunity to enjoy an easygoing atmosphere. "I moved at a fairly hectic pace before studying abroad, but I was able to acquire a more relaxed way of thinking. You could call a good kind of 'aboutness'." The city of Adelaide is small, and almost all stores close at 5 PM. However, Ms. Ito says that a positive way of thinking is born from an open environment, beautiful weather and friendly people. "I learned to conduct self-management even though I was in a relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to my study abroad, I gained increased interest in new fields such as marketing and international trade." Much can be learned from Ms. Ito, who made the most of her overseas lifestyle in order to acquire language abilities.

*1: TSA (Thematic Studies Abroad) Program
A foreign study system for undergraduate students that has a curriculum which focuses on "theme-based study". A feature of the program is that classes at the local university are supplemented with a great amount of support for improving language ability. Students pay for school expenses at the local university and pay a program fee that includes program development and operation costs (\100 thousand per school year) to Waseda University. Students are then exempted from school expenses at Waseda University.

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