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Study Abroad - From the world to WASEDA -


Yan Soo Hyun
2nd-year student at the School of Education

Seek further growth through stimulation at the student dormitory!

I decided to leave Korea and study in Japan from a sense of admiration towards my father, who works globally based on his experiences at graduate school in Japan. I wanted to spend my time as a university student in Japan, a country which had a profound impact on my father. Just as I expected, studying at university in Japan has provided me with a variety of stimulation. Tanashi Student Dormitory has played a role in all of my experiences.

There were two factors in my decision to enter Tanashi Student Dormitory. Firstly, my parents wanted me to have a safe lifestyle with peace of mind. Secondly, I was drawn to the word of “international student house.” Upon entering Tanashi Student Dormitory, I met students from a variety of countries including Japan, China, Denmark, Switzerland and America. The unique programs at Tanashi Student Dormitory enabled me to make friends from throughout the world. I was stimulated by communicating in a mixture of English and Japanese.

Also, even when encountering difficulties, my worries naturally disappeared when I thought about my friends at the dormitory. They gave me the energy to try my hardest.

This summer, seeking further growth, I decided to participate in a short-term study abroad program at the University of Washington in America. Through the 3 weeks I spent at the University of Washington, I reaffirmed the importance of English language ability. Furthermore, I broadened my perspective regarding cross-cultural understanding. Foreign study at Waseda University and short-term study abroad at the University of Washington helped me to realize that foreign study and cross-cultural understanding are methods for broadening one’s world. During the remainder of my time at university, I will make every effort to interact with people of various nationalities and to learn more about various cultures.

Tanabata Party held at Tanashi Student Dormitory

The author (at right) during short-term study at the University of Washington

※Although Tanashi Student Dormitory has been used as an international student house until now, in conjunction with the completion of WISH(the Waseda International Student House)within the Nakano International Community Plaza, it will be used as a dormitory for student athletes from the 2014 academic year.
Also, from the 2014 academic year, the programs which have been held at Tanashi Student Dormitory will be continued at WISH(the Waseda International Student House)within the Nakano International Community Plaza.