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Study Abroad - From the world to WASEDA -


Li Run Lu
3rd year student at the School of Political Science and Economics

[Japan is my second home.
An important transit point in becoming an internationally-minded person]

There are four reasons that made me decide to come to Japan. The first is the history between China and Japan. For over a thousand years, China was seen as Japan’s master, but in recent times, the master has been overtaken by her pupil. I wanted to find where that extraordinary energy came from. The second reason was culture. As well as having an interest in discovering common points between the Chinese “knights” and Japanese samurai, I was fascinated by the youth fashion culture. Third was geopolitics and politics. For China to continue its growth in the future, it can not avoid its relationship with Japan. The fourth reason is Hirotada Ototake’s “No One’s Perfect” (Kodansha, 1998). For me, who was born without a left arm, reading this book as a child gave me great strength. Then I thought that I wanted to study at, as Ototake put it, “the Waseda campus with an atmosphere of freedom”, so I decided to come to Waseda University.

I am majoring in economics at Waseda, and I am vice president of “Kinyusha (financial company)”, set up by interested students for the purpose of research. I also belong to a basketball and soccer group, and have started practicing kendo. Everyone treats me as an equal, giving me no “special treatment” because I have a disability. Through these activities, I have discovered the good points of Japanese people. I have also felt the excellence of Japanese barrier-free society and welfare for the disabled.

For me, Japan is my second home. Born in Beijing, raised in America, and further educated in Japan, no matter what I do in the future, I believe that Japan is an important transit point in becoming an internationally-minded person.

With basketball mates at Higashi-Fushimi Gymnasium (Li is on the left)

Trip to Hakone with Li’s mother (right) and the landlord and his wife (left), who have treated Li like a son