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Study Abroad - From the world to WASEDA -

From America to WASEDA

Tung Wu Chiu
2nd year student in the Master's Program of the Global Information and Telecommunication Studies (GITS)

In the laboratory

I graduated from the University of California, San Diego and from 2009 entered the Master's Program of the Global Information and Telecommunications Studies (GITS). Until coming to Japan, I was worried about culture shock as I was completely unable to speak Japanese. However, in the Shimamoto Laboratory to which I am attached, there are students from, beginning with America, China, Korea, Thailand, Madagascar, Vietnam, Mexico, Cambodia, etc, and most of them can speak not only their mother tongue but also Japanese and English. Thanks to this kind of seminar class, with a wealth of international character, there are hardly any inconveniences with communication. Not only that, we of course can study the languages and cultures of other countries and because we can discuss our research with varied opinions, this kind of environment has become a true provision for our growth.

In the Shimamoto Laboratory, we are putting into practice a range of research such as Radio Communication, Optical Wireless Communication, Ultrasonic Waves Communication, Unmanned Communication, Satellite Communication, etc. My research theme is in the field of human body communication, and until now I have predominantly carried out research on finger, palm and wrist identification methods. From now on, I would like to challenge myself in applications toward medical and health related fields.

Outside of research in the Shimamoto Laboratory, we hold seminars several times a year for elementary school children on Information Communication. In the seminars we have them play games using research results and make antennas for terrestrial digital broadcasting, etc. I will never forget the smiling faces on the children when a TV broadcast showed using antennas that we had made with them. Many parties are also held each year to help deepen relations in the laboratory. At parties, karaoke and performances from their home countries by international students have become bit of a custom for us. These parties are for many international students, myself included, very popular, and are an essential activity for international students lives in Japan. In the laboratory, we engage in cutting edge research and thanks to being blessed by all the students and the wonderful teachers, my life at Waseda University is extremely enriching.

Seminar for elementary students

Customary party

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)