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Study Abroad - From the world to WASEDA -

From Zambia to WASEDA

Mr. Steven Dakka
1st Year Student in the Master's Program of the Graduate School of Economics

Do you know the country called Zambia? When you hear the name Africa, "poverty" and "war" may spring to mind. But Zambia is overflowing with marvelous nature and wildlife, and is home to Lake Tanganyika and Victoria Falls, one of the world's three great waterfalls. Of the countries in Africa, here is the most peaceful.

I used to work at the Japanese Embassy in Zambia's capital, Lusaka. I was in charge of economic development and, working in conjunction with NGOs, travelled to many places throughout Zambia, cooperating and investigating together. In order to further deepen my specialist knowledge, a few years ago I started continuously thinking about studying in Japan. My reason for choosing Waseda was that it is a big university, and I thought I could meet excellent academic staff and be presented with wonderful opportunities to conduct research.

I am currently centering my research on economics and statistics. I have a particular interest in practicing "resource allocation." It may be an unfamiliar phrase to you, but it means "effectively using and distributing limited resources."

In recent years Zambia has been increasing production of corn (maize) and millet. By doing that, we want to especially concentrate on crop exports and establish a way to earn foreign currency. I would like to construct an economic structure that can guarantee employment and, at the same time, earn foreign currency. Also, through my experience from investigations in the provinces, I want to put a focus on health promotion. By giving children essential nourishment and keeping them healthy, they can concentrate on their studies and, I believe, bring meaning to educational infrastructure maintenance.

Living in Japan, I was especially surprised by the cleanliness of the streets! Also, the convenience of the JR rail network left me impressed because Zambia only has a few rail lines. I like walking around the Tokyo Metropolitan area, too. The scenery of Shibuya and Yokohama is wonderful. The beautiful design, technology and height of the under-construction Tokyo Sky Tree especially impressed me. On top of all that, the Sumida River fireworks display was very moving.

In the future, getting a doctoral degree is in my line of sight, so I want to whittle down my field of research and deepen my knowledge. I hope more Zambian students will come to Waseda and share high levels of knowledge. That should become a bridge for the next generation to build the development of Zambia and Africa.

The impressive Victoria Falls

Location map of Zambia

Zebras eating grass near a hotel in Livingstone

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