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Study Abroad - From the world to WASEDA -

From Taiwan to Waseda

Ms.Cai PeiShan
Foreign Exchange Student (Sep. 2007-Aug. 2008)
Graduate School of Commerce

Research Topic: 'An Analysis of the Digital Music Market'

After graduating from university in Taiwan, Ms. Cai worked at a company which developed information technology. Although her job description included corporate IT integration and engineer training, she had a strong desire to engage in more organized research in her specialty field. Eventually, she resigned from her company and entered graduate school, where she undertook a research project entitled 'An Analysis of the Digital Music Market'. Ms. Cai was the first-ever foreign exchange student to enter Waseda University from the National Chiao Tung Universty of Taiwan; from September of 2007 to August of 2008, she studied Business Management at the Graduate School of Commerce under Professor Tatsuyuki Negoro.

The Beauty of Japan's Four Seasons

Japan enjoys four distinct seasons, symbolized by the cherry blossoms in spring, fireworks in summer, brilliant foliage in autumn and snow in winter. There is a wide variety of expressions available to express the emotions evoked by the changing year, and Ms. Cai attests that she finds all of this focus on the seasons to be wonderful. Ms. Cai, who enjoys looking through train schedules and searching the Internet, made full use of the 'Seishun 18 Kippu' rail pass, which allows unlimited one-day travel on all local Japan Rail lines at various times of the year. Whenever she had time off from school, she would take a vacation using one of these special passes. In winter, she even went all the way to Gifu Prefecture, where she stayed at the village of Shirakawa-go, which was blanketed in snow. 'Ever since I was a young girl, my family and I have been coming to Japan on vacation,' Ms. Cai relates. 'Wherever you go in Japan, the people are courteous and they follow the rules, which makes it easy and enjoyable to travel during any of the four seasons.'

What is the Best Part-Time Job for a Foreign Exchange Student?

'When you live in the foreign students dorms, the other male and female exchange students from all over the world become like family,' Ms. Cai says. 'It was a lot of fun to stay there.' But the reality of a foreign exchange student's experience is that, due to the demands of research and studying, chances to make close friends with Japanese Waseda University students are few and far between. 'As a part-time job, though, I worked in the Department's class registration office,' Ms. Cai adds. 'From morning to night, I worked side-by-side with other Departmental students, and made many new friends. If you want to have a great experience and meet a lot of fellow students while earning a bit of pocket money, then this job is for you!'

Life in Taiwan after Waseda

As luck would have it, Ms. Cai was re-hired by her former company and now works in the e-Learning industry. As part of a governmental industrial promotion project, Ms. Cai's company provides strategies for corporations looking to expand into the global arena, and also offers support for the development of new technologies. Despite this impressive record, Ms. Cai is just getting started. In September, some of the members of her former teacher, Professor Negoro's, seminar class visited Taiwan on an overseas study tour. They engaged in faculty exchanges with Taiwan Chiao Tung University, and also made visits to different corporations. Even today, the exchange activities remain ongoing. 'From before the war, the Taiwanese impression of Japan was not at all bad,' she explains. 'Taiwanese young people can't get enough of Japanese cartoons, comic books, soap operas and music!' We are certainly looking forward to seeing Ms. Cai deepen her exchange relationship with Japan.

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