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From Vietnam to Waseda

Ta Thi Khanh Hoa/Junior, the School of Commerce
Dec 21, 2015

Wishing to Make Vietnam into a "Second Japan"

I started dreaming about studying abroad when I was a junior high school student. Today, here in Japan, my life is full of discoveries and I learn something new every day. I sometimes wonder if this is really happening. Or, am I living in a dream world?

I came to Japan for the first time four years ago. I left Vietnam for the first time, took my first flight, and went to live on my own for the first time. A life packed with first-time experiences had begun. I felt Japan was truly a developed country--everything was sparkling clean and high-tech, from large objects like trains and skyscrapers to small objects such as bidet toilet seats. I hope that someday my family can experience what I am experiencing in Japan and that everyone in Vietnam can enjoy a convenient and comfortable life.

My dream is to serve as a bridge between Japan and Vietnam and make Vietnam into a "second Japan" while helping the two nations develop a good relationship. The reason why I am working at the International Community Center (ICC) is because I want to introduce the Vietnamese culture to many people. During the spring semester, I was able to hold an event called "Vietnam Festival." I planned the event, worked with many parties--including the embassy--and provided many people with a positive experience. The whole event became a valuable experience for me.

I would like to continue doing what I can to promote an understanding of Vietnam to the Japanese people and show the wonderful features of Japan to the Vietnamese people.

Japan's unique gesture of kindness on escalators
I was surprised to see people vacating one side of the escalator for those who were in a hurry. I was impressed with how Japanese people paid attention to others and were considerate of them.

At the ICC Vietnam Festival, we introduced our country through folksongs, traditional martial arts, and tasting local dishes.


Ta Thi Khanh Hoa/Junior, the School of Commerce