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▼Study Abroad - From the world to WASEDA -

From Thailand to Waseda

Vanessa Techapichetvanich/2nd year student at the School of Creative Science and Engineering
May 25, 2015

Enjoying everything offered by overseas study!

I decided to study abroad at the School of Creative Science and Engineering last year because I am very interested in mathematics, physics and chemistry, and because I want to be involved in technological innovation for robots and automobiles. Moreover, there are few female researchers in this specialized field, so I think it is attractive to become one of woman researchers.

I was raised in a Western culture and had always thought that I would study abroad in America or England. In that respect, I had never really considered studying abroad in Japan. To be honest, I have had a hard time adjusting to the Tokyo lifestyle and dislike the morning rush hour so much. Therefore, I commute to school by motorbike! However, traveling throughout Japan has allowed me to experience the many wonderful areas of the country. I have visited places such as Kyoto, Osaka, Yamagata and Nagano. No matter where I traveled, I have always encountered unique people from a variety of backgrounds. I was surprised at the kindness and politeness of Japanese people. I have also struggled to adjust to Japanese customs, particularly to table manners using chopsticks.

Without a doubt, studying abroad in Japan is a special experience. I live at WISH (Waseda International Student House) and am affiliated with the ICC (International Community Center), so I have countless opportunities to befriend Japanese students and other non-Japanese studying abroad. Interacting with students from various countries has enabled me to greatly expand my cultural perspective. Furthermore, non-Japanese students also motivate each other to pursue our studies of the Japanese language.

I look forward to further broadening my perspective through even more exciting adventures in Japan!

I really enjoyed the ICC No Border Skiing and Snowboarding Camp, in which participants conceal their real name, nationality, affiliated department and academic year.

Slurping noodles expresses the delicious flavor!?
Japanese people slurp when eating noodles. The sound is said to express the delicious flavor of the noodles. I'm currently practicing, and hope to become good at slurping before going back to Thailand!


Vanessa Techapichetvanich/2nd year student at the School of Creative Science and Engineering